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curlies - Project Hosting on Google Code

2009 Dec 23, 9:58Results of a set of black box tests on various characters in various parts of URLs in various popular browsers.PermalinkCommentsvia:mnot url uri iri idn dns browser web technical

HTTP Tracing - Export Format - Firebug Working Group | Google Groups

2009 Aug 31, 4:22"This document is intended to describe a HTTP Archive format that should be used when exporting data from Firebug Net panel. The current version of the format isn't finalized and is open for further proposals."PermalinkCommentshttp fiddler debug format firebug technical via:mnot

Common Web Server software comparison report

2009 Jul 1, 2:24Stats on HTTP servers and HTTP server response headers. "Current statistics are based on a sample of 84604 probed servers, gathered in the last 386 days."PermalinkCommentshttp statistics server internet http-header via:mnot technical

Paintmap | Painting the world

2009 May 3, 4:45Google Maps mashup that maps the real world locations featured in famous paintings.PermalinkCommentsvia:mnot painting art google mashup map
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