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payyattention / a social network of micropatronage

2009 Aug 14, 10:17Micropayment service for bloggers -- "per article micropatronage". Supports levels of benefits for readers - pay X or more and get the ad-less version of my blog. Link to your fav. article through payyattention and payyattention will count how much money your reference generated. Some neat features in there. Too bad its not a distributed protocol.PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook video money micropayment patronage journalism economics newspaper business

Anyone can write this crap (Phil Gyford’s website)

2009 Jul 31, 5:57"Is it worth the sensationalism and scaremongering? The endlessly inaccurate and dangerous science reporting? The pointless and news-free lifestyle articles? Do newspapers that prioritise stories based on celebrities and spectacle rather than importance to the world deserve to exist?"PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook internet news journalism media

Common Sense Journalism: Local news value = 0? Not exactly, but ...

2009 Jul 28, 5:07Suggests that local news must provide the raw facts and only in particular cases do a 'story' on top of that -- not everything needs to be a story.PermalinkCommentsnews via:sambrook journalism

Insite | Google’s advanced operators for journalists

2009 Jul 24, 5:29Contains a few operators I hadn't seen, like '~[word]' for results that contains the synonym of the word, '*' for wildcards within quoted phrases, and 'info:[URL]' for their cache results, links to and from the page, etc.PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook google search operators technical

Why we link: A brief rundown of the reasons your news organization needs to tie the Web together - Publishing 2.0

2009 Jun 12, 9:02"Because linking to sources and resources is the key gesture to being a citizen of the Web and not just a product on the Web...If, on the other hand, you want to embrace the traits that make blogs, Twitter, and so many other online communication tools a vital part of the daily life of your readers, your news site shouldn't feel like an endpoint in the conversation. It should feel like the beginning."PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook journalism news internet web article link

25 ideas: Creating An Open-Source Business Model For Newspapers

2009 Feb 26, 11:52This is what I'd like in a newspaper: "1: Focus on original content, do not rewrite wire stories or press releases." and "2: Focus on hyper-local coverage, newspapers should "own" their regional beat because they have the best contacts and the best understanding of local companies and issues."PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook newspaper advertising business journalism internet

Epeus' epigone: Fear of the new - the Internet, Tea, and MapReduce

2008 Sep 8, 10:26"This is what I call the "cup of tea" problem, after Douglas Adams: Newsreaders still feel it is worth a special and rather worrying mention if, for instance, a crime was planned by people 'over the Internet.' They don't bother to mention when criminals use the telephone or the M4, or discuss their dastardly plans 'over a cup of tea,' though each of these was new and controversial in their day."PermalinkCommentsinternet security humor douglas-adams via:sambrook

Voices without Votes | Americans vote. The world speaks.

2008 Sep 8, 10:23"Voices without Votes opens a window on what non-Americans are saying in blogs and citizen media about US foreign policy and the 2008 presidential elections."PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook vote politics government blog

Reuters Wants The World To Be Tagged - ReadWriteWeb

2008 Feb 8, 3:24FTA: "...Using a mix of natural language processing, AI techniques, and a massive databases, Reuters' solution extracts important bits of information from raw HTML pages. People, Companies, Places, and Events are really at the heart of many business articPermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook api reuters news tagging semantic semantic-web web

BBC Internet Blog - Brandon's History Of Online BBC

2007 Dec 19, 2:57History of BBC on the Web.PermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook history internet technology bbc web article
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