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Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake - AGS Games Database

2011 May 14, 3:31Fan remake of the Infocom HHGTTG text adventure as an adventure game.PermalinkCommentshhgttg game videogames adventure-game » Blog Archive » Using genetic algorithms to find Starcraft 2 build orders

2010 Nov 8, 3:31Genetic algorithm finds awesome SC2 build orderPermalinkCommentsai algorithm blog code videogames game starcraft2 sc2 genetic-algorithm

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse? | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2009 Jul 10, 7:31"72% of kids said they know how to find items to barter at weapon shops and how to use medicine packs to heal zombie bites"PermalinkCommentshumor video internet videogames onion parody apocalypse fallout3 zombie

E309: the 7 things you need to know about Microsoft's press conference - Offworld

2009 Jun 1, 3:26Some unbelievable stuff in this video for future Xbox features. And I write 'unbelievable' as in, I find it difficult to believe the 3d motion sensing 'you are the controller' stuff would work as well as it does in the demo video. The rest of the described features seem practical and sound neat.PermalinkCommentsblog microsoft video videogames xbox e3

Warp Whistle - Chunnel

2009 Mar 25, 11:03Mario blows the warp whistle and finds himself in Chicago.PermalinkCommentsmario video videogames warp-whistle matthew-dominick via:boingboing

The Super Mario Bros. drag and drop LUA hack - Offworld

2009 Mar 17, 6:02"With LUA scripting included in the latest version of NES emulator FCEUX, Rusted Logic blogger Xkeeper has woven some black magic into Super Mario that gives you full keyboard/mouse control over your surroundings."PermalinkCommentsvideo youtube videogames videogame hack mario

Washington State Senate Honors Penny Arcade

2009 Mar 6, 1:21"BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate honor Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik for their hard work and dedication to improving the lives of hospitalized children worldwide through their creation and continued work with Child's Play Charity"PermalinkCommentscomic charity videogames penny-arcade goverment washington senate

Why the Music Industry Hates Guitar Hero

2009 Feb 26, 11:41"Aerosmith has reportedly earned more from 'Guitar Hero : Aerosmith' than from any single album in the band's history." Games are usually more expensive than albums but still impressive stat.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein music guitar-hero videogames copyright art media rock-band ip riaa

Paper: "moral panic" behind attempts to link games, violence

2009 Jan 22, 9:43'Behind the press reports, the academic community has been engaged in a hot debate over whether the evidence supports a connection between the violent content of games and any behavioral effects. One of the researchers who has argued forcefully that it's not is Christopher Ferguson, who has just published a paper that argues that the continued societal focus on games as a causal factor in violence is an example of what's termed a "moral panic."'PermalinkCommentsgame violence society videogames

Naked Gun intro done in GTA IV | GamesRadar

2008 Jun 16, 10:46Its intro to the old TV show Naked Gun redone using GTA4. Very nice!PermalinkCommentshumor gta gta4 video parody nakedgun game videogames tv

Finished Paper Mario Games

2008 May 12, 4:05
Super Paper MarioPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorPaper Mario Title Screen

Sarah and I have finished playing through the games "Paper Mario", "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door", and "Super Paper Mario" last week (including the various Pits of 100 Trials). We played them all on the Wii, because even though Super Paper Mario was the only one released explicitly for that platform, Wii maintains compatibility with Game Cube games such as Thousand-Year Door and Paper Mario although originally released for the Nintendo 64 is now available as a pay for download game on the Wii's Virtual Console. So, yay for Nintendo!

I think my favorite of the three is Thousand-Year Door mostly because of the RPG attack system. In Thousand-Year Door and Paper Mario when you come into contact with an enemy you go into an RPG style attack system where you take turns selecting actions. In Super Paper Mario you still have hit points and such, but you don't go into a turn based RPG style attack system, rather you do the regular Mario jumping on bad guys thing (or hitting them with a mallet etc...). Thousand-Year Door and Paper Mario are very similar in terms of game play but Thousand-Year Door looks very pretty and has made improvements to how your party-mates are handled in battle (they have HP and can fall as you would expect) and there's an audience that cheers you on during your battles.

Even if the gameplay sucked the humor throughout the series might be tempting enough. Mario's clothing and mustache are mocked throughout and standard RPG expectations are subverted. I hate to describe any of these moments for fear of ruining anything but, for instance, an optional and very difficult enemy who may only be killed after hours of work only results in one experience point, or a very intimidating enemy who you imagine you'll have to fight actually challenges you to a quiz.

Despite how I personally rank them, all the games are great and I'd recommend any of them.

PermalinkCommentsmario videogame paper mario nontechnical

Wired 14.04: The Culture War

2008 Apr 8, 1:52"The Culture War: How new media keeps corrupting our children." Article snippets condemning novels in 1700s, the Waltz 1800s, Movies, Telephone, etc etc. for corrupting the youthPermalinkCommentsarticle wired videogames culture youth media censorship comic politics history humor

2008 Apr 2, 6:13Greenhouse is the digital distro. method for the pending Penny-Arcade game.PermalinkCommentsgame games penny-arcade videogames greenhouse

MegaPhone | Making Digital Signage Interactive | Media

2008 Mar 7, 10:03More videos and photos of megaphone in action. Neat idea.PermalinkCommentsmegaphone video videos videogames game games social

YouTube - Urban Screens 07: Megaphone

2008 Mar 7, 10:03Big screens in public places host video games you call in and control with your cell phone: "Jury Hahn and Dan Albritton talk about their creation Megaphone - an interactive software that allows users to control Big Screen game elements with their mobilePermalinkCommentsvideo youtube megaphone software social games game videogames

Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV news from

2008 Jan 12, 4:10Yoda and Darth Vader to appear in the next Soul Calibur game. Screenshots and videos on the link.PermalinkCommentsgame starwars videogames xbox yoda darth-vader soul-calibur

Daily Show Archives

2007 Oct 24, 10:14The Daily Show archive. I was looking for this too.PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal dailyshow daily-show archive humor politics videogames videos tv television

Jonathan Coulton - Blog Archive - Portal: The Skinny

2007 Oct 18, 5:06More on the ending song for Portal from the creator.PermalinkCommentsportal game games music jonathan-coulton blog valve videogames song

Geek To Live: Transform Your Classic Xbox into a Killer Media Center - Lifehacker

2007 Sep 14, 12:59Maybe I won't throw out my old XBox...PermalinkCommentsdiy exploit hack lifehacker linux microsoft mod xbox videogames howto

YouTube - Back to The Future in GTA SA

2007 Jun 7, 11:56Video of the Back to the Future mod for GTA. I wish they could have better time travel effects but otherwise totally cool.PermalinkCommentsbttf backtothefuture gta youtube video videogames mod game time-travel
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