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Retweet of billcox

2015 Mar 3, 1:54
Marketing pro tip: punch up your artisanal PPTs with idiotic Vince Vaughn stock photos. …

robhuebel: Axe Cop coming this summer!   Nick Offerman, Tyler...

2013 May 13, 2:26


Axe Cop coming this summer!  

Nick Offerman, Tyler the Creator, Me (Rob Huebel), Giancarlo Esposito and Vincent Kartheiser.  

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Vincent Liu: Tab Completion for Vim (Updated)

2009 May 27, 3:39A fancy tab completion script for Vim that does neat things for Java. Links to other Java+Vim tips as wel.PermalinkCommentsvim java script reference

Awesome Spokesmen Billy Mays and Vince Offer

2009 Apr 8, 4:06PermalinkCommentspersonal2 infomercial stupid vince offer billy mays

St Vincent - The Strangers

2009 Mar 10, 12:36PermalinkCommentsmusic mp3 the-strangers st-vincent

China, China's Boomtowns - National Geographic Magazine

2008 Apr 3, 2:19"How one supercharged province cranks out lightbulbs, buttons, and bra rings, as well as instant cities for the factory workers. "PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing china economics environment politics video

Why I Feel Old

2007 Oct 12, 3:20And now to fit in better with the rest of the emo kids on LJ, in no particular order here are some reasons why I feel old: PermalinkCommentspersonal nontechnical
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