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My timeline on Mastodon on NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Update

2008 Mar 23, 12:38

The move of my website to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET is mostly complete except for a few server side things not working yet: RandomGrammar and parts of Vizicious. I'm still very happy with the NearlyFreeSpeech.NET hosting and so far I've only spent a few cents on hosting. At this rate I'll only spend a few dollars a year.

I've moved all my pages to use the same CSS and hooked it up with cookies to my Kuler color options so now changes to the color theme will stick and apply to all my pages. I haven't figured out the caching for this yet so you may have to refresh to see changes to color applied. technical webhosting kuler homepage

Now using NearlyFreeSpeech.NET to host

2008 Mar 17, 1:25

I've switched from using my own home web server of which one of the harddrives died, to using NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, an actual real live web hosting service. So far I'm very happy with them and they give me almost exactly what I had on my own home server: ssh access, vim, php, java, etc. etc. The only notable things they don't do are (1) cron jobs which I use currently and (2) SSL which I don't use currently. I can replace my cron job usage and I suppose I'll have to reevaluate my web hosting if I ever need SSL. At the moment many of the server side things like Vizicious will be unavailable. I'll work on getting those working again at some point.

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Vizicious Search

2007 Apr 8, 9:27This is a search shortcut for Vizicious my delicious heirarchy visualization tool.PermalinkCommentsshortcut: delicious tool personal tag tagging ontology folksonomy categorizer

2007 Apr 8, 8:56My delicious account has been queued for analysis so I haven't tried it yet. But it sure sounds like my vizicious tool.PermalinkCommentsdelicious tool folksonomy ontology tagging

Bunny Weekend

2007 Apr 8, 3:46This weekend was fun. Sarah and I went out for Jane's Birthday. We ate at a little Italian restaurant where our group was almost too large for the place and afterwards went to the Viceroy lounge. The website apparently isn't very representative because although I looked at it before going out and I'd been to the place previously, I didn't realize it was the same location until we got there.

I got several games for my Wii through Sarah's connections including Wii Play and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. We played both of them and I thought Find Mii was especially fun.

Sarah's bunny is getting pretty big. Its been biting through wires now includig part way through the power cord to the cable box. You'd think after getting to the copper that it would learn to stop. At any rate, it didn't hide any eggs. I don't have any new photos but you can see the old bunny photos via my Vizicious tool.PermalinkCommentspersonal nontechnical seatle wii

Vizicious Update

2007 Mar 14, 12:44I've been working on a personal project Vizicious. Vizicious displays a graph of your delicious links or (this is the new part) your flickr photos.

I had this previously on my old website but I've rewritten it and separated out the presentation portion from the part that does all the real work. This means its alot easier for me to incorporate new kinds of input (like flickr feeds).

Anyway, if you're not interested in the details just click here to see my photos tagged 'france' run through Vizicious.PermalinkCommentsvizicious technical homepage

Tag Hierarchy

2007 Mar 13, 12:24My project that given an XML list of items with tags produces an XML graph of those items and tags. I used this in one of my other projects Vizicious as well as on my homepage to produce hierarchy for my project links.PermalinkCommentsme projects taghierarchy personal java


2007 Mar 13, 12:22My project that displays Delicious RSS feeds as a hierarchical graph.PermalinkCommentsme projects vizicious personal java

New Server

2007 Jan 9, 6:08Ever since the power outage from mid December my web server has been down. So sad. Now thanks to Eric I've got a new server. Apache isn't configured quite right yet so several things won't be working (like vizicious or anything else that runs code).PermalinkCommentsapache server homepage
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