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2016 Oct 8, 4:21
Various voting systems as covered by Wikipedia: 

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2016 Oct 8, 4:19
A runoff or ranked voting system could have really helped 

thebluthcompany: Hey, guys, remember this? Please don’t forget...

2012 Nov 7, 6:06


Hey, guys, remember this?

Please don’t forget to go out and vote! Find you polling place here.

Voting complete. Now we get more Arrested Development.

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I Voted

2008 Nov 9, 11:18

I Voted 2008 - Farewell to Polls by RedRaspusThis past Tuesday I voted in my first presidential election. Of course I was eligible twice before so don't tell my social studies teacher. I read about folks who stood in line for twelve hours waiting to vote but I personally had no issues. I found the voting location around 10am and it seemed appropriately busy: There were people voting but no lines. I came in and looked confused until an elderly lady gave me a paper to bubble in. The voting booth was more like a fold out voting table at a very awkward height and in the end my back ached. It feels better to vote in person and have a back ache after. Its more like I've accomplished something.

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2008 Election Maps

2008 Nov 6, 6:24Comparison of various website's US presidential election maps: "Most media outlets covering the 2008 US Presidential Election used the familar red/blue map to track the progress of the race as results from the polls rolled in Tueday evening. Here are several of those maps, in some ways as similar to each other as they are varied."PermalinkCommentsmap visualization geography president election vote voting politics

Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2008 Nov 5, 12:13Sure, we're laughing now but what if...PermalinkCommentsvoting politics humor onion video president voting-machine

Candy Vote

2008 Nov 4, 1:33Kid dresses up as voting booth for Halloween collecting candy as votes in either a McCain or Obama bag and tallies the results on "Welcome to - The results are in!"PermalinkCommentshumor video politics election obama mccain voting halloween costume

Radiohead Extends Remix Voting as Entrants Bellyache | Listening Post from

2008 Sep 15, 1:50This just in: people on the Internet are complaining. Also Radiohead has a remix contest. Neat. "No good deed goes unpunished. After letting fans pay whatever they wanted for In Rainbows and releasing stem tracks via iTunes so that one of the songs on the record could be remixed, Radiohead is facing accusations that its "Nude" remix contest is unfair."PermalinkCommentsmusic wired radiohead remix contest

Web Mashups Turn Citizens Into Washington's Newest Watchdogs (Wired)

2007 May 2, 1:12Voting records from congress people available as well as money trail information.PermalinkCommentsarticle politics mashup web blog social public privacy voting

The ThreeBallot Voting System

2006 Oct 2, 11:14We present a new paper-based voting method with attractive security properties. Not only can each voter verify that her vote is recorded as she intended, but she gets a “receipt” that she can take home that can be used later to verify that her vote isPermalinkCommentsvoting reference security algorithm read

EFF: E-voting

2005 Dec 29, 4:37PermalinkCommentseff politics security voting electronic-voting

Estonian E-Voting System, General Description of (English)

2005 Dec 29, 3:45PermalinkCommentsestonia voting electronic-voting politics internet reference

Estonian National Electoral Committee

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Worry Beads

2003 Mar 1, 5:22Today will produce the Mardi Gras parade in my town. I haven't been the previous two years, but I'm considering it this time around. San Luis Obispo, as a college town, contains many teens and young adults who enjoy occasional festivities accompanied with inebriation. San Luis Obispo, as relatively cheap beach front or at least near beach property, contains many vacationing elderly. As we all know, voting increases proportionally with age and, as such, any person under the age of thirty in public after dark is arrested. Mardi Gras is yet another of the bouts in the battle between the Youngsters and the Old-timers in the SLO ring. I will be very happy when this quarter is over. Chemistry may yet have a happy ending, but I don't know that Technical Writing can. I don't believe any grade in that class would make me think, "I'm glad I spent all those weekends working on that report". The quarter's end will also mean I can devote some time to my attention starved Polytope Tetris project. As a side note, I was tempted to, yet again, not write in the journal on account of my poor attitude tonight. However, a journal of one entry does seems a bit slim.PermalinkComments
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