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With Lively, Google tries its own 'Second Life' | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET

2008 Jul 9, 9:59Lively is apparently a coming soon Google app that's like a web page embeddable version of Second Life.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 second-life lively google webservices web2.0

Berners-Lee Disses Web 2.0

2007 Apr 18, 1:25SirTBL disses the Web2.0 buzz-phrase.PermalinkCommentsarticle humor web2.0 tim-berners-lee

Emily Chang - eHub

2007 Feb 20, 10:47Emily Chang's list of new and interesting web services.PermalinkCommentsemily-chang ehub web2.0 blog ajax tools web webdesign webservices research social sharing search folksonomy development design tagging monthly

Library clips

2007 Feb 13, 9:51A blog written by a librarian talking about ontology, blogging, tagging, and any other Web2.0 nonsense they like.PermalinkCommentsblog monthly folksonomy information library metadata ontology tag tagging web

Squirl: A Site for Collectors

2006 Dec 27, 3:25Another one of these crazy social collaboration deals. In this one its all about collections of arbitrary things. "Squirl is the best way to catalog, organize and share your records, movies, books, comic books, stamps, coins, or practically anything elsPermalinkCommentscollections web2.0 social collecting


2006 Dec 27, 2:52'Like Flickr, but without the photos.' Flickr : photos :: Wordie : words. Its kind of funny really. The web is dead. Long live the web.PermalinkCommentsweb2.0 words social language collaboration list lists word english etymology

UnSpun by Amazon: Community Opinions ... Ranked!

2006 Nov 29, 5:34List of Lists. Vote things up and down and create arbitrary lists. Neat!PermalinkCommentsamazon reference unspun social lists web2.0


2006 Nov 28, 5:23A quick-fire round up of what’s happened in the microformats world this week; new implementations, major mailing list discussions and microformat-related discussion from the web at large.PermalinkCommentsmicroformats web2.0 semanticweb reference monthly xhtml html blog

Pass the POI

2006 Nov 15, 12:10Share your collections and view other's collections of mapped places via Microsoft's Live Maps.PermalinkCommentsblog microsoft map search web2.0 travel poi collections place social

John Resig - Programming, Data, and Web Applications

2006 Nov 1, 5:43John has free libraries, utilities, and thoughts. Very Web2.0ish stuffPermalinkCommentsjohn-resig blog code programming monthly web internet javascript script ajax tutorial reference example

John Resig - RSS to JSON Convertor

2006 Nov 1, 5:41PermalinkCommentsrss json convert programming tool web2.0 xml javascript ajax webservices api development reference


2006 Nov 1, 12:52Convert XML to JSON. Available on this site as both source & service.PermalinkCommentsxml json javascript php ajax webservices programming api development reference tool web2.0

IDNSearch - Search and Discover IDN

2006 Oct 31, 10:57PermalinkCommentsidn example dns language unicode web2.0 social internet

Why Microformats - Introduction to Microformats

2006 Oct 30, 10:34PermalinkCommentsarticle web2.0 microformats semanticweb software standards reference internet web development mf

Home | AttentionTrust.org

2006 Oct 22, 11:52PermalinkCommentsweb2.0 read social security rights attention privacy trust attentiontrust attention-trust internet blog

Digital Web Magazine - Web 2.0 for Designers

2006 Sep 25, 12:41PermalinkCommentsarticle humor web2.0 webdesign blog internet

Goggles :: The Google Maps flight sim

2006 Aug 24, 11:19Pat showed me this google maps based flight sim.PermalinkCommentsfree game flight google map web2.0 for:jozhik


2006 Apr 21, 2:43PermalinkCommentsXMLHttpRequest msdn xml http web2.0 microsoft ie7 javascript

The XMLHttpRequest Object

2006 Apr 21, 2:40PermalinkCommentsajax development http javascript programming reference specification web2.0 XMLHttpRequest w3c xml

Web2.0 List, Web 2.0 Site

2006 Apr 3, 3:05PermalinkCommentsbookmark design web internet ajax web2.0 directory search
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