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2016 Jun 1, 1:51
Cool JS image diff'ing including browser webcam based demos 

Webcam Cover Creates Appearance of a Giant Looking Into a House

2011 Feb 17, 1:12
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2010 Feb 22, 9:13Screenshots of folks connecting via Chat Roulette to find that the person on the other end is a cat.PermalinkCommentshumor cat cute chatroulette webcam

3D scanning with a plain webcam - Boing Boing

2009 Nov 20, 6:43PermalinkCommentsvideo 3d scanner technical

YouTube - SOUR Hibi no neiro

2009 Jul 6, 3:02"This music video was shot for Sour's 'Hibi no Neiro' (Tone of everyday) from their first mini album 'Water Flavor EP'. The cast were selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam."PermalinkCommentsvia:waxy sour music-video music video crowdsource youtube

Coding4Fun : Look at me! Windows Image Acquisition

2009 Jun 20, 9:43How to use the WIA APIs in C#. WIA is Windows API to get images from scanners and cameras. And, as I found out, if you want to use the API in PowerShell try '$deviceManager = new-object -ComObject WIA.DeviceManager'PermalinkCommentsvideo scanner api wia csharp howto programming camera image photo .net webcam technical - Organizing your favorite webcams

2007 Jun 22, 10:58Mashup of map+webcamsPermalinkCommentscommunity mashup video photo map webcam web
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