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IE6 denial message for Momentile.com on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2009 Jun 15, 4:46"This was such a fun project - this is what users of Internet Explorer 6 see when they visit Momentile." Funny image. There's just two things I don't like about this: (a) it makes me feel sorry for IE6 when the only thing anybody should feel in relation to IE6 is the urge to upgrade to IE8 and (b) I hate it when websites get all preachy and try to convert you to another browser.PermalinkCommentshumor webdesign ie6 ie browser comic


2008 Jul 22, 11:02Gallery of nice website backgroundsPermalinkCommentsbackground web webdesign free gallery graphic via:swannman

Font embedding on the Web - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2008 May 9, 9:32"The CSS2 specification adopted Microsoft's @font-face rule as the standard method for embedding fonts. However, Safari is the only browser other than Internet Explorer that supports @font-face, and it supports TrueType fonts instead of EOT fonts."PermalinkCommentsfont text web webdesign microsoft browser safari ie css

Microsoft Typography - Font embedding for the Web

2008 May 9, 9:31"In 1997, we released the preview version of Microsoft Web Embedding Fonts Tool (WEFT), which allows you to create font objects that can be linked to your Web pages."PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft msdn font web webdesign text

Howto: iPhone Webclip icons

2008 Jan 16, 2:53These are as bad as favicons! Boo on URI space squatting.PermalinkCommentshowto apple iphone icon favicon webdesign web ipod development via:swannman


2007 Dec 19, 10:37Social website for sharing color schemes... Useful?PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman design color webdesign web generator gallery social

Usability Issues To Be Aware Of

2007 Oct 9, 4:49List of website usability issues.PermalinkCommentsusability article blog ui webdesign internet howto reference

Stripemania - Stripe.licious

2007 Sep 21, 3:36Reminds me of the color scheme webpage but now in stripes. Useful? Hmm...PermalinkCommentsdesign via:porcupine_ web webdesign generator

CSSFly - Edit websites on the fly!

2007 Mar 20, 6:06View and temporarily edit the source of websites. Your changes to the source will be reflected immediately.PermalinkCommentscss webdesign tools design development javascript website

Emily Chang - eHub

2007 Feb 20, 10:47Emily Chang's list of new and interesting web services.PermalinkCommentsemily-chang ehub web2.0 blog ajax tools web webdesign webservices research social sharing search folksonomy development design tagging monthly

visualcomplexity.com | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

2007 Feb 13, 9:32Various images visualizing networks. Cool looking.PermalinkCommentsvisualization design presentation network graph webdesign usability

PHP Manual

2007 Jan 19, 5:06PHP standes for "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor". Its an open source, server side scripting language. Its running my homepage.PermalinkCommentsphp programming reference development web webdesign code documentation software open-source opensource quickreference


2006 Nov 13, 12:34Crazy animated flash deals. Crazy.PermalinkCommentscool webdesign weird humor flash interactive art animation

Time breakdown of modern web design (humor)

2006 Oct 29, 12:30PermalinkCommentshumor webdesign css firefox ie chart

Digital Web Magazine - Web 2.0 for Designers

2006 Sep 25, 12:41PermalinkCommentsarticle humor web2.0 webdesign blog internet

How to Add a Shortcut Icon to a Web Page

2006 Sep 14, 2:52PermalinkCommentsfavicon howto msdn tutorial html webdesign icon web ie

CSS Overview

2006 Aug 21, 12:51PermalinkCommentscss tutorial reference internet webdesign read

glish.com : CSS layout techniques

2006 Jul 24, 3:10Example CSS LayoutsPermalinkCommentscss development howto html reference web tutorial webdesign
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