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Bit-cycling : WebSlice Viewer Gadget (Alpha)

2008 Mar 31, 10:36"The advantage, of course, is that developers can integrate WebSlices into their applications just as easily as they can integrate RSS feeds. To illustrate this, and to try out developing a gadget, I created a WebSlice viewer gadget."PermalinkCommentswebslice ie8 rss msdn microsoft sean-lyndersay blog vista vista-gadget extension

WebSlices now appearing in a Wikipedia article near you - istartedsomething

2008 Mar 28, 10:07"Trust the open-source lovin' contributors at Wikipedia to be early adopters of Microsoft web technologies. Beginning just a couple of days ago, Wikipedia user "Soum Yasch" began building Wiki templates to support the new content-subscription featurPermalinkCommentsie8 ie browser wikipedia article
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