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Tesla vs Edison T-Shirt from Monsters of Grok

2011 Aug 31, 10:03Awesome shirt of Tesla/Edison in the style of the AC/DC logo.
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The Cthulhu fez awakens...

2011 Jul 18, 1:28The Cthulhu FezPermalinkCommentshumor gift fez cthulhu awesome wishlist

The ultimate Neuromancer t-shirt

2011 Feb 14, 6:56PermalinkCommentstshirt neuromancer fiction shirt wishlist

Small Brain Slug Headband by ScavengingWoodrats on Etsy

2010 Jul 5, 9:49"This a small crocheted Brain Slug for your favorite Futurama fan!"
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Fred's Home

2010 May 10, 10:32Thanks to Matt -- this looks like another great site full of gifts for folks that I otherwise wouldn't know what to get...
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High Performance Web Sites :: Call to improve browser caching

2010 Apr 29, 11:59"Over Christmas break I wrote Santa my browser wishlist. There was one item I neglected to ask for: improvements to the browser disk cache." If only it were so simple as to just increase the max size of your HTTP cache...PermalinkCommentsperformance http web browser cache technical

Boing Boing - Essentials

2010 Mar 11, 7:36Boing Boing recommends I buy things. Probably a good selection of odd or geeky gifts.PermalinkCommentsboingboing amazon gift purchase wishlist

Lebowski Fest Pro Shop - Abide Poster

2010 Mar 9, 10:42PermalinkCommentsthe-big-lebowski poster movie humor abide wishlist purchase

GIFT BOX GEEK IE EXPLORER MENS SUIT EXECUTIVE CUFFLINKS - eBay (item 390155859600 end time Mar-13-10 08:40:03 PST)

2010 Feb 26, 2:41Knock off Internet Explorer cufflinks available on eBay. I know, you totally thought these were legit, right?
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Color Changing Tiles | Apartment Therapy San Francisco

2010 Jan 20, 5:05Shower tiles that change based on heat. Neat!
PermalinkCommentsshower shower-tile wishlist house design

BustedTees - Helvetica

2010 Jan 11, 2:30A t-shirt that says 'Helvetica'. Set in Comic Sans.PermalinkCommentshumor tshirt font typography wishlist gift

Dosh Wallets as art

2010 Jan 9, 12:00PermalinkCommentswallet art design wishlist gift product australia

(Pic) For The Person Who Has Everything - PSFK

2010 Jan 6, 2:08
PermalinkCommentshumor gift purchase wishlist pin

ThinkGeek :: Static Electricity Eliminator

2009 Dec 14, 2:12I've been very statically charged recently. May be the new couch?PermalinkCommentsgeek wishlist gift static electricity tool purchase

Discontinued desktop 3D printers on the cheap Boing Boing

2009 Dec 8, 1:56More good gift ideas just in time for the holidays: "The Invision LD 3D-Modeler printer has been discontinued and is being sold off for $5,000 a throw -- it uses Laminated Object Manufacturing to produce low-rez 3D models"PermalinkComments3d printer purchase gift wishlist

IdeaPaint: A Blank Canvas For All Your Good Ideas - PSFK

2009 Nov 20, 7:03Whiteboard paint. As in, turn a surface into a whiteboard by applying this paint.
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Bruce Schneier action figure

2009 Nov 15, 6:17Once again a wonderful gift for a very small set of people I know but a bit pricey: "This package includes Bruce Schneier's custom action figure head mounted on a matching DiD or Dragon action figure body with a choice of 2 different clothing styles. You can also buy Bruce Schneier's head on its own and fit it onto your own figurines."
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Dandella by DIC - Design Year Book

2009 Aug 11, 7:35Lovely Dandella looks like an electric scallion and it "... works with GPS enabled mobile phones to track physical locations. Dandella bends and points toward the targeted location."
PermalinkCommentsdesign technology cool wishlist shopping cellphone gps

RSS Pillow | Boing Boing Gadgets

2009 Jul 1, 6:06Its an RSS logo pillow: looks good! But it does not help you get to sleep by reading New York Times RSS feeds to you...PermalinkCommentshumor rss cute pillow wishlist technical

Onion Store - The Sports Team From My Area Is Superior To The Sports Team From Your Area

2009 Jun 25, 12:33A shirt from the Onion store reading 'The Sports Team From My Area Is Superior To The Sports Team From Your Area'. Humor!PermalinkCommentshumor onion tshirt wishlist sports purchase
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