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2015 Oct 19, 9:37
Amazon Fresh just went up $300/yr. Angry and sad to switch services after ~5yrs. Alternatives recommendations? …

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2015 Jan 27, 7:47
This Will Change The Way You Watch ‘Fight Club’  #NSFW

Careers for Girls Board Game Box

2009 Sep 12, 3:51

sequelguy posted a photo:

Careers for Girls Board Game Box

Wtf? For more see the 'Most Condescending Game Ever' thread on

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Code: Flickr Developer Blog - Panda Tuesday; The History of the Panda, New APIs, Explore and You

2009 Mar 10, 5:15"We built this ... (many people wished we hadn't) ... the Rainbow Vomiting Panda of Awesomeness as an experiment (which used Ling Ling fwiw)." WTF? "It's a stream of, on average, more interesting photos then you'd generally get from polling Everyone's photos. The quality is pretty good, the best thing to do is watch The Panda for a while and figure out if a) you want to build something with a live stream of photos b) you can build something more better than a vomiting panda (which lets face it, it pretty hard to top!)."PermalinkCommentshumor panda flickr reference api photos

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2008 Feb 27, 2:39Title says it all. The ratio of interesting stuff to not is pretty good.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein humor delicious links social tag tagging wtf

clbuttic - Google Search

2008 Feb 25, 10:08That's clbuttic. I totally didn't grok that until I read the WTF article that shows up. FTS: "Cbuttette tape tray broken(thank god for cd's {not good for clbuttic cbuttettes). So ya everyone else post whats wrong with your car. :lol: ..."PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman humor clbuttic error mistake regex

Worse Than Failure - Character encoding WTF

2007 Oct 19, 4:10FTA: 'This letter was sent to a Russian student by her French friend, who manually wrote the address that he received by e-mail. His e-mail client, unfortunately, was not set up correctly to display Cyrillic characters, so they were substituted with diacrPermalinkCommentsencoding charset unicode language humor article

GoogleBot deletes website - The Spider of Doom - The Daily WTF

2006 Apr 3, 3:32PermalinkCommentsgoogle search security story web humor http robots.txt
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