XSLTProc Meddler Script

I've written an XSLTProc webservice script for Meddler. Meddler is a simple web server that runs whatever code you stick in it. Its easy to quickly develop web services in JScript.NET. I've written a script for Meddler that takes a URI to an XML document and a local XSLT and returns the result of running the XML through the XSLT. The XSLT is specified as the filename of an xslt file in %MyDocuments%\Meddler\xslt\. Additionally you can specify parameters for the XSLT. Run the script for details on how to use these things.

The code hasn't been cleaned up and isn't production ready code, but it gets the job done for hacking things together.

Running this hacked up Meddler script remotely isn't the best idea, so turn off remote connections if you don't need remote connections. To use the script with Meddler an additional script reference to system.xml.dll is required. Both of the previous are accomplished with regkeys for which I've got a reg file. The whole thing is archived in an rar file linked to below that wants to be extracted into your %MyDocuments%\Meddler folder.

  1. Meddler XSLTProc Archive