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W3C RSS 1.0 News Feed Creation How-To

2005 Mar 30, 2:57PermalinkCommentsw3c rss xml reference internet

RFC 1480 (rfc1480) - The US Domain

2005 Mar 30, 12:44Description of the hierarchy of the US top level domainPermalinkCommentsdns reference rfc internet

Why I don't like the IsTextUnicode API

2005 Mar 28, 4:16PermalinkCommentsreference blog development unicode

HTTP State Management Mechanism

2005 Mar 28, 10:47This document specifies a way to create a stateful session with Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests and responses. It describes three new headers, Cookie, Cookie2, and Set-Cookie2, which carry state information between participating origPermalinkCommentscookie reference rfc development internet http

Client Side State - HTTP Cookies

2005 Mar 28, 10:46Netscape's definition of cookiesPermalinkCommentscookie reference development http internet specification

a brief history of setHomePage()

2005 Mar 28, 10:45PermalinkCommentsreference blog development ie

Case mapping on Unicode is hard

2005 Mar 28, 10:43PermalinkCommentsreference blog unicode development

scanf Type Field Characters

2005 Mar 28, 10:33MS Definition of scanf type fieldsPermalinkCommentsscanf reference development

RFC 3629 (rfc3629) - UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646

2005 Mar 28, 10:31PermalinkCommentsrfc reference development unicode

RFC 3490 (rfc3490) - Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)

2005 Mar 28, 10:31PermalinkCommentsrfc reference development idna internet uri punycode

DNS related RFCs

2005 Mar 28, 10:30List of links to RFCs related to DNSPermalinkCommentsrfc reference development dns internet


2005 Mar 28, 10:29RFC for UUID (Unique Universal IDentifier)PermalinkCommentsrfc reference development uuid

Odd Comments and Strange Doings in Unix

2005 Mar 28, 10:26PermalinkCommentshumor unix development


2005 Mar 28, 10:25PermalinkCommentsblog ie ie7


2005 Mar 27, 6:43Source and Binaries to create graph images in various formats from various formatsPermalinkCommentsgraph development graphviz

The Onion | America's Finest News Sourceā„¢

2005 Mar 27, 6:26The OnionPermalinkCommentsnews onion humor monthly

Drew Curtis' FARK.com

2005 Mar 27, 6:26FarkPermalinkCommentsfark news idiots

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

2005 Mar 27, 6:25SlashdotPermalinkCommentsslashdot news nerds monthly


2005 Mar 27, 6:24Google's Mail PagePermalinkCommentsmail google me

Polytope Tetris

2005 Mar 27, 6:24Open Source N-Dimensional Tetris Game I madePermalinkCommentsgame tetris open-source projects me personal java
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