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Vim Regular Expressions

2005 Sep 22, 11:48PermalinkCommentsreference regex vim tools language

Pattern (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)

2005 Sep 22, 11:47Java's Regular Expression ReferencePermalinkCommentsjava regex reference development language

Welcome to the MSDN Library

2005 Sep 22, 11:45.NET's Regular Expression ReferencePermalinkCommentsregex reference development language dotnet

The GodFather Home Page

2005 Sep 18, 4:17GodFather will rename, re-tag, and do other things to your music collection.PermalinkCommentsmusic software tools free

SSH : Support : Downloads : SSH Secure Shell for Workstations

2005 Sep 15, 7:10PermalinkCommentstools ssh client software

RFC 2368 (rfc2368) - The mailto URL scheme

2005 Sep 13, 4:59The mailto URI schemePermalinkCommentsrfc uri internet reference

UriSchemes - ESW Wiki

2005 Sep 9, 3:17URI Schemes WikiPermalinkCommentsreference uri internet w3c scheme schema wiki url list

uri@w3.org Mail Archives

2005 Sep 9, 1:41PermalinkCommentsw3c reference search uri internet


2005 Sep 9, 1:40File URI scheme specification draftPermalinkCommentsuri reference rfc internet

KITHfan.org: A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

2005 Sep 4, 3:31Kids in the Hall sketch transcripts, news, etc.PermalinkCommentstv humor kith encyclopedia search

Darmok (episode) - Memory Alpha

2005 Sep 4, 3:24PermalinkCommentsscifi tv startrek

Main Page - Memory Alpha

2005 Sep 4, 3:24Star Trek EncyclopediaPermalinkCommentsencyclopedia reference scifi startrek tv nerds search

Goddesses by Linda Nagata

2005 Sep 4, 3:16Hard SF short story "Goddesses" by Linda NagataPermalinkCommentsscifi story free literature fiction

SourceForge.net: Project Info - delicious-java

2005 Sep 3, 2:07PermalinkCommentsopen-source tools delicious java development

The American·British - British·American Dictionary

2005 Sep 2, 1:21PermalinkCommentsdictionary english language

RFC 3092 (rfc3092) - Etymology of "Foo"

2005 Sep 1, 11:19PermalinkCommentsenglish etymology humor language reference rfc
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