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Unicode Han Database

2006 Feb 23, 4:57PermalinkCommentschinese language unicode han charset

Web Browser User-Agent Information - Change IE's User Agent

2006 Feb 22, 2:28PermalinkCommentseric-lawrence fiddler http user-agent ie internet http-header

RFC 4229 - Registered HTTP Header Fields

2006 Feb 17, 12:31PermalinkCommentshttp internet reference http-header rfc specification

The Platform for Privacy Preferences 1.0 (P3P1.0) Specification

2006 Feb 17, 12:00PermalinkCommentsp3p internet specification w3c reference privacy ie

RFC 2640 (rfc2640) - Internationalization of the File Transfer Protocol

2006 Feb 13, 9:26PermalinkCommentsftp uri iri rfc reference internet

XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat sheet: Esp: for filter evasion - by RSnake

2006 Feb 13, 8:33PermalinkCommentsdevelopment hack html internet javascript security software reference cross-site-scripting ie firefox

IEBlog : Powering up with Internet Explorer Extensibility

2006 Feb 9, 6:56PermalinkCommentsdevelopment dhtml ie microsoft web eric-lawrence bho hack software extensions extension blog

Network.IDN.blacklist chars - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

2006 Feb 8, 4:11PermalinkCommentsidn internet mozilla firefox uri iri reference

Quake 2 AbSIRD - Lewey's World

2006 Feb 3, 1:33PermalinkCommentsquake game humor

A gallery of walls with stuff written on

2006 Feb 3, 1:19PermalinkCommentsdesign humor images photos graffiti wall

HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication - RFC 2617

2006 Feb 3, 12:54PermalinkCommentshttp rfc security internet reference

HTTP/1.1 Specification Errata

2006 Feb 3, 12:53PermalinkCommentshttp reference internet

Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0) - RFC 2324

2006 Feb 3, 12:37PermalinkCommentshumor rfc reference http internet

Eric Lawrence

2006 Feb 3, 12:19|Eric LawrencePermalinkCommentseric-lawrence blog homepage ie http monthly friend

JavaScript Reference 1.5: Core JavaScript Reference

2006 Feb 2, 10:21PermalinkCommentsdevelopment javascript language reference internet script quickreference
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