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The W3C Markup Validation Service

2006 Mar 29, 11:29Validate your HTML/XMLPermalinkCommentsvalidate validator tools free web html sgml xml rss w3c

Download details: Script Debugger for Windows NT 4.0 and Later

2006 Mar 29, 11:27Debug Javascript in IEPermalinkCommentsdebug debugger script development ie javascript microsoft windows

Sorting It All Out

2006 Mar 28, 3:38Michael Kaplan's blog Sorting It All Out - Lots of interesting comments on UnicodePermalinkCommentsblog development microsoft programming software unicode language michael-kaplan monthly

Microsoft Team RSS Blog : Simple List Extensions in action

2006 Mar 28, 11:48Simple List Extensions in the wild!PermalinkCommentssle rss ie ie7 blog

About Asynchronous Pluggable Protocols

2006 Mar 28, 11:36PermalinkCommentswindows ie urlmon pluggable-protocols msdn microsoft uri programming

Larry Osterman's WebLog : Why is the DOS path character "\"?

2006 Mar 27, 11:07PermalinkCommentsblog history programming windows dos back-slash reverse-solidus larry-osterman

Bob Bemer

2006 Mar 27, 11:06Bob Bemer - invetor of the back slashPermalinkCommentsbob-bemer ascii back-slash reverse-solidus escape escape-sequence y2k-problem

NASA World Wind

2006 Mar 27, 2:30Navigate and zoom over satellite photos of EarthPermalinkCommentsearth tools windows software photos nasa map satellite

Larry Osterman's WebLog : Should I check the parameters to my function?

2006 Mar 27, 1:12PermalinkCommentslarry-osterman blog programming isbadreadptr isbadwriteptr c++ c windows security validation

Isn't it semantic? : Articles : Internet : BCS

2006 Mar 27, 12:47Tim Berners-Lee InterviewPermalinkCommentstim-berners-lee interview web internet semanticweb dns w3c

Microsoft Team RSS Blog : Windows RSS Publisher's Guide (work-in-progress)

2006 Mar 25, 7:36PermalinkCommentsrss xml blog ie ie7

Study: High Times Not A Gateway Magazine To Harder Readings | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2006 Mar 23, 1:52PermalinkCommentshumor onion high-times magazine

Planet Family Guy | News

2006 Mar 23, 11:29PermalinkCommentshumor tv family-guy search

Chuck Norris Facts

2006 Mar 23, 11:27PermalinkCommentschuck-norris humor tv movie

rÄdgivning.com (http://xn--rdgivning-52a.com/)

2006 Mar 22, 2:32Example of an IDNPermalinkCommentsdns dns-example idn internet domain

Business Networks Inc. (http://www.bn.ca)

2006 Mar 22, 1:27Example of a valid domain name with a two two letter domain name labels. "ca" is the country TLD label and is also the domain in this case.PermalinkCommentsdns dns-example domain internet language

TandartsenPagina.be - een betaalbare website voor tandartsen (http://org.be)

2006 Mar 22, 1:25Example of a valid domain name with a well known TLD ("org") followed by a two letter country TLD ("be"). The domain in this case should be "be".PermalinkCommentsdns dns-example language internet domain

IANA | Root-Zone Whois Index by TLD Code

2006 Mar 22, 1:11PermalinkCommentsdns internet reference domain tld whois search

Java Language Specification, Second Edition

2006 Mar 21, 7:29PermalinkCommentsdevelopment java software specification programming reference sun

Mike's C++ Tips

2006 Mar 21, 7:24PermalinkCommentsc++ blog mike mike-laiosa development stl software
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