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Guide: Downloading and converting Youtube videos.

2006 Apr 23, 8:05PermalinkCommentshack software tool tools tutorial video youtube convert

USA National Gas Temperature Map

2006 Apr 23, 8:01PermalinkCommentsmap statistics politics energy gas gas-prices

Welcome To TankChair

2006 Apr 23, 7:58All terain wheelchair. Fuckin' TankChair bitches! Hells yeah.PermalinkCommentshumor chair furniture mecha wheelchair robot robots

Frequently Used Debugger Commands

2006 Apr 21, 4:52Quick list of Debugging Commands for the Microsoft debuggers windbg and cdbPermalinkCommentstony-schriner debug debugger windows microsoft windbg tools tool


2006 Apr 21, 2:43PermalinkCommentsXMLHttpRequest msdn xml http web2.0 microsoft ie7 javascript

The XMLHttpRequest Object

2006 Apr 21, 2:40PermalinkCommentsajax development http javascript programming reference specification web2.0 XMLHttpRequest w3c xml

Raffaello D'Andrea Interactive & Dynamic Art

2006 Apr 20, 4:38Furniture that assembles itself. Your chair wants to know if you've seen John Connor.PermalinkCommentsart design robot robots furniture video humor automatic-chair

Open Packaging Conventions

2006 Apr 20, 2:08PermalinkCommentspack uri open-packaging reference microsoft word

CSS2.1: Section 4.1.3: Syntax and basic data types - Characters and Case

2006 Apr 18, 8:49PermalinkCommentscss w3c ietf html internet web encoding escape escape-sequence

We Have the Information You Want, But Getting It Will Cost You: Being Held Hostage by Information Overload

2006 Apr 18, 12:44ACM Article by Mark R. Nelson concerning increase in information. "We Have the Information You Want, But Getting It Will Cost You: Being Held Hostage by Information Overload"PermalinkCommentsacm information info information-overload article anxiety

FRONTLINE: the tank man | PBS

2006 Apr 17, 11:24Documentary on the effect of the Tiananmen Square protest on ChinaPermalinkCommentsdocumentary history politics tv video pbs the-tank-man tank-man tiananmen tiananmen-square china culture protest

Documentary interview with Dr. RP Feynman

2006 Apr 17, 6:22Excellent short 40 min documentary interview with Dr. RP Feynman- one of the greatest physicist of our times and a Nobel Laureate. Specially uploaded for students of NSIT.PermalinkCommentsrichard-feynman the-pleasure-of-finding-things-out documentary interview google video

General Disarray » Blog Archive » Ten things every Microsoft Word user should know

2006 Apr 17, 11:34PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft word word-processing tutorial hints

» Is there media bias for Firefox over IE? | George Ou | TechRepublic.com

2006 Apr 17, 11:30PermalinkCommentsblog firefox ie web internet open-source mozilla microsoft media-bias

NESVideos / Front Page

2006 Apr 15, 11:59PermalinkCommentsgame movie nintendo video fast cool speedrun done-quick

Solar Death Ray

2006 Apr 15, 7:12PermalinkCommentshumor hack sun burn melt death-ray

Library Musical Prank

2006 Apr 15, 7:03PermalinkCommentsprank humor video library musical

The Kingdom of Loathing

2006 Apr 15, 6:29Stick Figure Online RPGPermalinkCommentsfree game humor internet web rpg

Feed Validator for Atom and RSS

2006 Apr 13, 1:38PermalinkCommentsvalidate validation validator reference tool tools software rss internet

Review and Recommendations for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)

2006 Apr 12, 1:01This note describes issues raised by the deployment and use of Internationalized Domain Names. It describes problems both at the time of registration and those for use of those names for use in the DNS. It recommends that IETF should updatePermalinkCommentsietf idn dns domain internet language idna rfc reference
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