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Dissecting BitTorrent: Five Months in a Torrent's Lifetime

2006 Aug 31, 7:49And still more BitTorrent research. This paper examines the performance of a particular bittorrent session.PermalinkCommentsperformance torrent p2p report reference

BitTorrentSpecification - TheoryOrg

2006 Aug 31, 7:45Yet more BitTorrent research. This is the BitTorrent protocol specification.PermalinkCommentsbittorrent p2p programming reference specification torrent development

Rarest First and Choke Algorithms Are Enough

2006 Aug 31, 7:44More Torrent research. This is a paper describing performance of BitTorrent's block and peer selection algorithms.PermalinkCommentsp2p torrent report reference internet algorithm performance

Intel Assembly Quick Reference

2006 Aug 31, 7:25Debugging assembly isn't that bad... Although source+symbols is much nicer.PermalinkCommentsintel x86 assembly programming reference

ยป IE7 team is serious about squashing bugs | Office Evolution | ZDNet.com

2006 Aug 31, 2:12PermalinkCommentsie ie7 zdnet web article blog

Saturday Night Live : Doppelganger @ theTravisty

2006 Aug 30, 9:56This is really funny to me.PermalinkCommentssnl doppelganger humor video

Upcoming.org: Home

2006 Aug 29, 4:06PermalinkCommentsajax blog cool internet tools social music news local

King County Library System--Redmond Regional Library Volunteer Opportunities

2006 Aug 29, 1:35PermalinkCommentslibrary king-county volunteer redmond

Goggles :: The Google Maps flight sim

2006 Aug 24, 11:19Pat showed me this google maps based flight sim.PermalinkCommentsfree game flight google map web2.0 for:jozhik

Shell Links (MSDN)

2006 Aug 24, 12:37PermalinkCommentsmsdn microsoft shell programming reference windows pidl

Transferring Shell Objects with Drag-and-Drop and the Clipboard

2006 Aug 23, 11:36PermalinkCommentsmsdn microsoft programming shell pidl drag-and-drop windows

The Shell Namespace (MSDN)

2006 Aug 23, 10:27PermalinkCommentsmsdn microsoft shell namespace programming windows pidl

RSS API Overview (MSDN)

2006 Aug 23, 2:34This is the MSDN docs on the new RSS API Platform in IE7 and VistaPermalinkCommentsrss ie7 ie programming msdn microsoft reference

David Brent For Microsoft | The A.V. Club

2006 Aug 23, 1:49PermalinkCommentshumor video the-office david-brent microsoft training onion

Windows Core Networking

2006 Aug 21, 1:19PermalinkCommentsblog development ie7 microsoft programming

CSS Overview

2006 Aug 21, 12:51PermalinkCommentscss tutorial reference internet webdesign read

Sorting It All Out : Extending the MS Transliteration Utility

2006 Aug 21, 11:34PermalinkCommentsunicode script language free tool microsoft transliteration blog michael-kaplan extensions

Microsoft Transliteration Utility v1.0 (TU)

2006 Aug 21, 11:34PermalinkCommentsunicode script language free tool microsoft transliteration

Script Happens .NET

2006 Aug 17, 10:01PermalinkCommentsscript javascript programming .net csharp msdn

Introduction - VSA Scripting in .NET - Developer Fusion, the UK developer community - VB, ASP, C#, .NET, PHP and XML tutorials & source code

2006 Aug 17, 10:01PermalinkCommentsscript .net csharp javascript vbscript programming
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