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UnSpun by Amazon: Community Opinions ... Ranked!

2006 Nov 29, 5:34List of Lists. Vote things up and down and create arbitrary lists. Neat!PermalinkCommentsamazon reference unspun social lists web2.0

XSL Transformations (XSLT)

2006 Nov 29, 11:35The Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation specification.PermalinkCommentsxhtml w3c standards specification reference xsl xslt quickreference

Live Clipboard

2006 Nov 28, 5:24The objective of Live Clipboard is to provide a simple and consistent user model to wire-the-web that would assist individuals in creating their own mesh of interconnections, both web-to-web and web-to-PC. Simply stated, the idea is to extend the PC clipPermalinkCommentsxml microformats liveclipboard microsoft ray-ozzie specification reference internet semanticweb


2006 Nov 28, 5:23A quick-fire round up of what’s happened in the microformats world this week; new implementations, major mailing list discussions and microformat-related discussion from the web at large.PermalinkCommentsmicroformats web2.0 semanticweb reference monthly xhtml html blog

Rdf In Html :: Embedded RDF Wiki :: Talis

2006 Nov 28, 5:19This document describes how a subset of RDF can be embedded into XHTML or HTML by using common idioms and attributes. No new elements or attributes have been invented and the usages of the HTML attributes are within normal bounds. This scheme is designedPermalinkCommentsgrddl metadata semanticweb reference xhtml xml rdf microformats

Representing vCard Objects in RDF/XML

2006 Nov 28, 5:15This note specifies a Resource Description Framework (RDF) encoding of the vCard profile defined by RFC 2426 and to provide equivalent functionality to its standard format. The motivation is to enable the common and consistent description of persons (usinPermalinkCommentsrdf reference semanticweb specification standards w3c xml vcard schema example

RDF Primer

2006 Nov 28, 5:13The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a language for representing information about resources in the World Wide Web. This Primer is designed to provide the reader with the basic knowledge required to effectively use RDF. It introduces the basic concPermalinkCommentsrdf xml semanticweb w3c web reference standards specification metadata

XMDP - XHTML Meta Data Profiles

2006 Nov 28, 5:12XMDP™ (XHTML Meta Data Profiles) is a simple XHTML-based format for defining HTML meta data profiles easy to read and write by both humans and machines. The markup is a profile of XHTML.PermalinkCommentsmetadata reference semanticweb standards xml xmdp

RDFa Primer 1.0

2006 Nov 28, 5:11RDFa is a syntax for expressing such metadata in XHTML. The rendered, hypertext data of XHTML is reused by the RDFa markup, so that publishers don't repeat themselves. The underlying abstract metadata representation is RDF, which lets publishers build thePermalinkCommentshtml metadata semanticweb rdf specification w3c xml xhtml rdfa reference

Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS and OPML

2006 Nov 28, 3:42This is an RSS extension that enables sharing and sync'ing of data between different applications.PermalinkCommentsrss sse xml microsoft opml syndication sharing reference msdn simple-sharing-extension specification read

GRDDL Primer

2006 Nov 28, 3:24GRDDL is a mechanism for Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages. It is a technique for obtaining RDF data from XML documents and in particular XHTML pages. Authors may explicitly associate documents with transformation algorithms, typicPermalinkCommentsreference w3c web xml rdf metadata grddl semanticweb

Fiddler2 HTTP Debugger - Fiddler2

2006 Nov 27, 11:23Fiddler2 is a free tool that lets you view and fiddle with HTTP and now HTTPS traffic! Supports automated modification of traffic using javascript as well as manual modification using breakpoints. Very cool tool.PermalinkCommentseric-lawrence tool tools free internet http debugger debug fiddler fiddler2 microsoft proxy

Retrieving Data Using Script

2006 Nov 27, 3:09This topic includes an example of how to write a script that obtains data through Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP) either synchronously or asynchronously. The concepts demonstrated in this example provide the basis for writing client or middle-tiPermalinkCommentsmsdn development programming reference microsoft http javascript script

Side Channel Cryptanalysis of Product Ciphers

2006 Nov 27, 3:07ABSTRACT: Building on the work of Kocher, we introduce the notion of side-channel cryptanalysis: cryptanalysis using implementation data. We discuss the notion of side-channel attacks and the vulnerabilities they introduce, demonstrate side-channel attackPermalinkCommentscryptography essay reference bruce-schneier


2006 Nov 27, 2:41Unicode's own list of mappings from Unicode to and from various vendor specific implementations of codepages.PermalinkCommentscode development programming unicode codepage reference

Commercial Exploitation of Europe's Public Sector Information

2006 Nov 27, 2:15Public bodies are by far the largest producers of information in Europe. This information is recognised as a major, but so far under-exploited asset, which could and should be a fundamental building block of the ‘new economy’ in the Information SociPermalinkCommentsstudy economics europe public-domain information government read

Transcode 360 at runtime360.com

2006 Nov 27, 1:54Stream video of any format from your Win Media Center to your Xbox 360. Just the thing for my new Xbox.PermalinkCommentsvideo windows xbox xbox360 mce transcode free software tool howto

Doublespeak and the War on Terror

2006 Nov 27, 12:46Exec Summary: ... Since some high-ranking government officials and pundits are now referring to the war on terror as the “Long War” or “World War III,” because its duration is not clear, now is an appropriate time to take a few steps back andPermalinkCommentsdoublespeak orwell orwellian government politics propaganda

The Hexic HD Marathon Scoring Guide By RFG Scorpion (version 2.0) (Xbox.com | Xbox Live Arcade)

2006 Nov 24, 1:09Guide to scoring well by excellent players of the Xbox Live Arcade game Hexic HD. I've just started playing this a few days ago. This is a neat strategy.PermalinkCommentshexic tutorial xbox xbox-live-arcade forum high-score

Thoughts on Polytope Tetris

2006 Nov 19, 9:25I've had a few thoughts recently on Polytope Tetris. Constructive thoughts: Deconstructive thoughts: PermalinkCommentsproject polytopetetris
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