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RFC 1468 - Japanese Character Encoding for Internet Messages

2007 Jan 31, 4:56IETF's standard for ISO 2022 JP that defines a character encoding that wraps other Japanese character encodings.PermalinkCommentscodepage encoding windows programming iso-2022 charset japanese ietf rfc

ISO/IEC 2022 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2007 Jan 31, 4:34The ISO 2022 defines a character encoding that wraps other character encodings.PermalinkCommentscodepage encoding windows programming iso-2022 charset japanese

RFC 4180 - Common Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files

2007 Jan 30, 2:41I was unaware of it but there's a standard for CSV files and it defines how to encode quotes, commas, and newlines inside of records.PermalinkCommentscsv specification rfc standards ietf mime comma-separated-value excel encoding


2007 Jan 29, 3:58Hook an industrial robotic arm up to the Wii remote. Watch as these guys play tennis (sort of) and wield a sword (scary). I for one welcome our new sword-wielding robot arm overlords.PermalinkCommentswii robot robotics robots hack video nintendo humor

Hockey team ensures 'Stephen Colbert Day' - NHL - MSNBC.com

2007 Jan 29, 11:08Stephen Colbert accepts Mayor's bet and wins. Stephen Colbert Day now declared in that town on the Mayor's birthday. How does the Mayor like the taste of the Truth?PermalinkCommentsarticle humor stephen-colbert colbert hockey eagle birthday

Bruce Schneier Facts (Everybody Loves Eric Raymond)

2007 Jan 29, 2:16This is Chuck Norris facts for Bruce Schneier. Example: "SSL is invulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Unless that man is Bruce Schneier.", "Bruce Schneier doesn't keep secrets -- they keep themselves out of fear.PermalinkCommentseric-raymond bruce-schneier security humor encryption crypto nerd

Awstats on Debian

2007 Jan 28, 9:08How to install AWStats on your Debian Linux distro.PermalinkCommentsdebian awstats linux apache statistics install server

An Evaluation of Extended Validation and Picture-in-Picture Phishing Attacks

2007 Jan 26, 6:43Usability study of phishing attacks and browser antiphishing defensesPermalinkCommentssecurity browser phishing paper ie7

Don't fall victim to the 'Free Wi-Fi' scam

2007 Jan 26, 3:20I wondered how long it would take for these to appear. Maybe you don't pay money to use your neighbors WiFi connection but you do pay in information.PermalinkCommentsarticle wifi free security windows airport

Penn & Teller | PENN ARTICLES

2007 Jan 25, 4:22Articles written by Penn (of Penn & Teller) on the topic of various computer-y things.PermalinkCommentsarticle read penn penn-jillette

Feed Folder

2007 Jan 24, 8:51Get Firefox's Live Bookmarking feature in IE7 using my extension Feed Folder. Feed Folder lets you view your feeds as lists of links that auto update. Works great with del.icio.us feeds!PermalinkCommentsprojects ie ie7 browser extension extensions feed rss atom feed-folder free download me personal

Live Bookmarks for IE7!

2007 Jan 24, 5:32My new extension for IE7 named Feed Folder is now (more) available. Feed Folder is like Firefox's Live Bookmarks feature. You can view your subscribed IE7 feeds as a folder containing shortcuts to each of the feed's items. If you've got Windows XP and you like Feeds then use my extension with IE7. Do it now!PermalinkCommentsfeed-folder feed live-bookmarks ie7 technical project atom rss extension

Bookmarklets, Favelets and Snippets | Smashing Magazine

2007 Jan 23, 12:38Article on bookmarklets (javascript bookmarks) available on the web.PermalinkCommentsbookmarklets bookmark favorite web design article

Underwater Sculpture Image Gallery

2007 Jan 23, 12:57Photos and video of underwater sculptures. One is of a man at a desk with papers.PermalinkCommentsunderwater water sculpture art cool photos video

How to Add a Favicon to your Site - QA @ W3C

2007 Jan 22, 9:42In my continued efforts to learn about random web things and implement them on my page, here's the W3C's document on favorite icons. Update: Well what they said to do sure doesn't work in IE =)PermalinkCommentsfavicon w3c standards web icon html howto favorite

Movin' to Seattle

2007 Jan 22, 7:35Matt Swann's blog. Known through Cal Poly and now we're both at Microsoft. More cool photos.|Matt SwannPermalinkCommentsblog swannman matt-swann friend photos

101 Free Games 2007 - The Best Free Games on the Web! from 1UP.com

2007 Jan 22, 7:14List of free and notable games for Windows. Including such things as the Airport Security game and 'I'm O.K.' the game built for Jack Thompson.PermalinkCommentsgames free windows download videogames

A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope

2007 Jan 22, 7:06Essay putting Chewie and R2D2 as key figures of the Rebel Alliance. Reconsidering ep 4 in light of 1-3. Its easy to put words in the mouth of the characters we can't understand.PermalinkCommentsstarwars movies analysis humor essay article nerd nerds scifi

Airport Security (Persuasive Games - The Arcade Wire)

2007 Jan 22, 1:42Flash game in which you are airport security and must ensure no restricted materials are let through based on ever changing rules. More commentary than game. Who says games can't be art?PermalinkCommentspolitics games security flash game airport

RFC 3339 - Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps

2007 Jan 21, 5:15Standard for fomatting date and times.PermalinkCommentsrfc datetime date time format internet reference standard ietf
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