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Spam (dance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2007 Mar 30, 3:29Apparently there's a dance form named 'spam'. From the link: "The term originated in the underground scene from Ontario, Canada. It was lifted from the video game and technological meanings of spam, relating the concepts of rapid speed and randomness."PermalinkCommentsspam dance

Jeff Atwood : Stopping real, physical mail Spam

2007 Mar 30, 3:28Commentary and steps to reducing junk mail.PermalinkCommentsmail article blog jeff-atwood spam junk howto

Junkbusters Declare Headlines

2007 Mar 30, 3:26Information on reducing phone, email, and physical spam (junk mail & telemarketers). Also has lots of info on other privacy related matters. The sites ugly but I find its easy to navigate and find the info I want.PermalinkCommentsprivacy security tools junk mail spam

The Truth about Cell Phones and the Do Not Call Registry

2007 Mar 30, 3:21The FTC describes why you don't need to register your cell phone on the national Do Not Call registry.PermalinkCommentsphone cellphone spam junk ftc government

Telegraph Clacks out RSS Feeds - The Steampunk Workshop

2007 Mar 30, 2:10From the guy who did the 1920s keyboard this is a telegraph piece that taps out RSS feeds in morse code.PermalinkCommentssteampunk telegraph rss video


2007 Mar 30, 1:50Cool retro shirts and posters.PermalinkCommentscool poster shirt retro product shopping

History of UTF-8

2007 Mar 30, 1:27The origins of the UTF-8 Unicode encoding.PermalinkCommentshistory encoding unicode ken-thompson utf8

BattleBricks: WiigoBot, The Perfect Game

2007 Mar 30, 1:05Video of a Lego robot that bowls a perfect game in Wii bowling.PermalinkCommentswii robot robots bowling humor game nintendo lego video

YouTube - Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted in Germany

2007 Mar 30, 11:39This is a video of the Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted behind a building in Germany.PermalinkCommentsreligion video humor fsm flying-spaghetti-monster

Open Letter To Kansas School Board at Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

2007 Mar 30, 11:36During the whole intelligent design & evolution thing in Kansas this guy wrote an open letter requesting that they also teach the creation beliefs of his religion as a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.PermalinkCommentsreligion humor politics education fsm flying-spaghetti-monster evolution satire

Digit Shapes

2007 Mar 29, 5:51Windows will use the localized digit shapes instead of the European 0, 1, ... 9 if preceded by the Unicode codepoint U+206E.PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft msdn windows unicode digit U+206E U+206F

decodeunicode.org . Last Entries

2007 Mar 29, 5:40A Wiki about Unicode codepoints. Add notes concerning your favorite character.PermalinkCommentsunicode wiki social


2007 Mar 28, 3:53Software to convert DVDs or other video into something for your iPod. Recommended to me by Matt.PermalinkCommentsipod encoding itunes open-source software transcode tv

Magnetic Finger: A Sixth Sense (bbum's weblog-o-mat - Blog Archive)

2007 Mar 28, 3:45Guy tapes small but intense magnet to his finger and 'feels' magnetic fields around speaker wires, lamps, etc.PermalinkCommentsmagnet sense harddrive hack finger sixth-sense

Ciera Christopher

2007 Mar 28, 10:32Ciera's homepage.PermalinkCommentsciera-christopher friend homepage calpoly


2007 Mar 28, 12:54Given an ABNF description of a grammar, RandomGrammar produces a random string that fits that grammar. This is a personal project I worked on previously and have just now made available again on my website.PermalinkCommentsme personal projects java randomgrammar abnf

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town

2007 Mar 27, 4:58A book by Cory Doctorow available for free via Creative Commons. I finished this very recently. Its very ... different. I understand but I don't comprehend.PermalinkCommentsbook books fiction scifi free cory-doctorow read

"Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do!" Switching off a robot

2007 Mar 26, 11:13Researcher watches person try to switch off robot while the robot begs them not to. Kind of messed up. Study finds people less likely to turn off robot if its agreeable and smart.PermalinkCommentsvideo humor ai robot robots

Pennypacker - The Penny Arcade Firefox extension

2007 Mar 26, 10:20A website where you can search through Penny Arcade comics using terms set by the community.PermalinkCommentstag tagging social penny-arcade folksonomy tools search

All Hail Robot Nixon : Strk3 : CafePress.com

2007 Mar 24, 1:22A poster suggesting you vote for Robot Nixon (Futurama reference).PermalinkCommentshumor nixon robots poster product futurama wishlist purchase
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