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Sculpture Garden

2007 May 15, 8:38Tall SculptureLast Saturday Sarah and I went to the Sculpture Garden in Seattle. Its laid out with exhibits all outside running down to the water.

Sarah in the ValleySarah and I followed the trail of sculptures down to the shore and took some more photos on the sand and rocks on the mini beach. There's also a green house but it was closed the day we were there. The glass of the green house is tinted green and the long walls of the house slope down in the back giving a forced perspective to the viewer on one end.

Black Winding ArtThe sculptures aren't roped off rather they mingle with the normal urban artifacts. There are little signs around that politely ask viewers not to touch the art for fear of damage that reminded me of the show Arrested Development.PermalinkCommentssculpture washington personal art seattle nontechnical
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