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Protest Culture -- Ad Hoc vs Institutional, and What it Means (Event Video/Audio) | Berkman Center

2008 Mar 31, 3:43Clay Shirky talks to a very small audience. Starts with more examples like prev. video. @20:30 describes interesting problems he hasn't resolved. @31:04 interesting exchange between listeners and Clay.PermalinkCommentsvideo cooperation social web politics law internet culture collaboration community

Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations (Event Video/Audio) | Berkman Center

2008 Mar 31, 2:33Clay Shirky gives a talk about how the Internet changes everything via organization and collaboration.PermalinkCommentsvideo book clay-shirky via:librarythingblog social talk research internet

NFT - Not For Tourists - Seattle - City Guidebooks, Maps, Urban Neighborhoods, Travel

2008 Mar 31, 2:31Social local's guide to various areas including Seattle.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman guide seattle food social

The Filing Cabinet : Don't judge a book by its cover - why Windows Vista Defrag is cool

2008 Mar 31, 1:19Some interesting notes on Vista defrag."We don't try to make the volume 100% defragmented because defragmenting to the point where there are no fragmented files has negligible benefits.", "We don't give a percent complete or time to completion estimatPermalinkCommentsprogress progress-bar windows vista blog msdn microsoft defrag

Digging in : NTFS Time Stamps --file created in 1601, modified in 1801 and accessed in 2008!!

2008 Mar 31, 1:11Guy messes with various file timestamps on NTFS on Windows.PermalinkCommentstime timestamp ntfs windows blog article

Robert Hensing's Blog : Click-through cloaking (coming to a hacked site near you).

2008 Mar 31, 1:08"Why would the bad guys do this? To buy time. ...say you arrived at that site via a search engine and you were clueful and you got owned. You're going to give the URL that tried to exploit you to your local IT security geek and he's going to paste it iPermalinkCommentssecurity web internet spam microsoft blog research


2008 Mar 31, 10:40Sean Lyndersay's blog.PermalinkCommentssean-lyndersay msdn blog microsoft vista windows rss live

Bit-cycling : WebSlice Viewer Gadget (Alpha)

2008 Mar 31, 10:36"The advantage, of course, is that developers can integrate WebSlices into their applications just as easily as they can integrate RSS feeds. To illustrate this, and to try out developing a gadget, I created a WebSlice viewer gadget."PermalinkCommentswebslice ie8 rss msdn microsoft sean-lyndersay blog vista vista-gadget extension

Cory Doctorow's craphound.com - Podcast

2008 Mar 28, 1:37Cory Doctorow regularly reads from his books and irregularly includes random other stuff. Currently reading the novella he co-wrote with Ben Rosenbaum, 'True Names'.PermalinkCommentscory-doctorow creativecommons boingboing book fiction podcast scifi

Regular Expressions - Justin Rogers

2008 Mar 28, 10:39Justin's blog posts on regex in .NET.PermalinkCommentsregex justin-rogers ie programming .net

Regular expression - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2008 Mar 28, 10:38Running time of regular expression matching. Most modern regex APIs do backtracking and can have exponential running time depending on the regex string.PermalinkCommentsregex programming reference wikipedia big-oh running-time

Algorithmic Complexity Attacks

2008 Mar 28, 10:35Scott A Crosby and Dan S Wallach "present a new class of low-bandwidth denial of service attacks that exploit algorithmic deficiencies in many common applications' data structures." DoS via worst case behavior in hash tables and exponential time RegExp'sPermalinkCommentsscott-crosby dan-wallach dos programming regex research security hash

WebSlices now appearing in a Wikipedia article near you - istartedsomething

2008 Mar 28, 10:07"Trust the open-source lovin' contributors at Wikipedia to be early adopters of Microsoft web technologies. Beginning just a couple of days ago, Wikipedia user "Soum Yasch" began building Wiki templates to support the new content-subscription featurPermalinkCommentsie8 ie browser wikipedia article

Dinner with Goodwins at Icon Grill

2008 Mar 27, 9:33

The Goodwin family, except for Michelle who is taking a class trip to Washington DC and New York, was in Seattle this week. Sarah and I met up with them for dinner last night at the Icon Grill. I enjoy the Icon Grill in general and last night was no exception especially having dinner with the Goodwins which was a lot of fun. It was particularly cold and at one point snowed. The Goodwin's are seeing all the classic tourist attractions in Seattle some of which are depicted in the following 1962 Seattle's Worlds Fair postcard. The postcard is featured on Paleo-Future and unsurprisingly the 1962 Worlds Fair favored Seattle's Space Needle and monorail.

[Icon Grill front. Licensed under under Creative Commons. By Troy B Thompson][Seattle's Worlds Fair Postcard]

PermalinkCommentsicon grill life washington goodwins sarah seattle nontechnical

The Most Beautiful Machine, 2003

2008 Mar 25, 11:05A trunk with a button. When you push the button the trunk opens, a robotic arm comes out and pushes the button again to turn itself off.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein art robot trunk machine humor

Tetris Theme Trademark - Latest Status Info

2008 Mar 24, 11:22Tetris Holding LLC trademarked "an instrumental tune in the style of a Russian folk song in 2/2 time or cut time having at least two 8-bar phrases" used in video games. "Trademark Document Retrieval" links to mp3s of examples from GB Tetris.PermalinkCommentstetris copyright game music korobeiniki russia

New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog: Are ID proponents being silenced?

2008 Mar 24, 9:53'Then, a security guard for the film approached the calmly seated man and told him, "I may have to ask you to leave." "Does anyone else see how ironic this is?" the guy asked.'PermalinkCommentsarticle science intelligent-design ben-stein humor

Lou Franco's ECM Imaging Blog : Using Zeno's Paradox For Progress Bars

2008 Mar 24, 9:42Zeno's progress bar. Stolen thoughts...PermalinkCommentsprogress-bar zeno gui ui programming stolen-thoughts

AngelaBuilds - BuildStuff

2008 Mar 23, 3:39A cool clock that is essentially a robot operating an Etch-a-Sketch. Zang!PermalinkCommentsangela-yuan clock build diy art etch-a-sketch humor robot

Retro Sabotage: Highwaymen On Memory Lane - Flash Games [ver.9.0 req.]

2008 Mar 23, 3:26Flash versions of retro games with humorous differences.PermalinkCommentsgame humor retro games flash web internet pacman space-invaders tetris via:boingboing
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