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Visiting College Friends and Vice Versa

2008 Apr 27, 4:51

Jesse, Nicole and Pat in his carLast weekend after Saul and Ciera's wedding, I drove up to Pat, Grib, and Jesse's house to which I hadn't previously been. I got in late and they'd just finished a UFC party. The next day Grib had to travel for work but the rest of us met Scott and Nicole, Jesse's girlfriend at a place for breakfast. After that we went back to their place for some Rock Band which I hadn't played previously and Pat took the opportunity to show off his real life musical skills on the banjo.

Pat plays the banjoThis weekend, Jesse and Nicole are up visiting Seattle. On Friday, Sarah and I met up with them at the BluWater Bistro in Seattle which sits right on Lake Union. The view was nice although difficult to see from our table and overall I like the sister restaurant in Kirkland better. They were both short visits but it was fun to see people again.

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