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308 - The Pop Vs Soda Map - Strange Maps

2009 May 31, 8:29"When on a hot summer's day you buy a carbonated beverage to quench your thirst, how do you order it? Do you ask for a soda, a pop or something else? That question lay at the basis of an article in the Journal of English Linguistics (Soda or Pop?, #24, 1996) and of a map, showing the regional variation in American English of the names given to that type of drink."PermalinkCommentsmap language visualization statistics english culture soda coke for:hellosarah

Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2009 May 31, 7:52"jeffgrako: HOLLA IF YOUR AT THE #FIRE"PermalinkCommentshumor video satire culture internet fire college phone

ComplimentBot 4000 | Refresh for more love

2009 May 31, 7:35"thanks for using the ComplimentBot 4000"PermalinkCommentshumor compliment psychology for:hellosarah

Nightmarker - IR Paint

2009 May 29, 9:28"During nighttime patrol, persons or vehicles using the entire NightMarker Detection Portocol can illuminate areas from distances of at least 100 meters out and look for disturbances in the road or guardrails. Long Lasting IR Paint and Aerosol Spray is guaranteed to last at least 6 months in direct sunlight."PermalinkCommentsir ir-paint military

Infrared patterns and paint to screw with tourist video/photos | Brad Ideas

2009 May 29, 9:17"Anyway, the idea is to find techniques, be they arrays of bright infrared LEDs, or paints that shine well in infrared but are not obvious in visible light, and create invisible graffiti that only shows up in tourist photos and videos."PermalinkCommentshumor graffiti ir ir-paint magic tourist photography

The Art Institute of Chicago: The Collection: Examination Techniques

2009 May 29, 9:13"Developed in the late 1960s by Dutch physicist J. R. J. van Asperen De Boer, infrared reflectography (IRR) is a technique used to look through the paint layers. ... Many paints will appear partially or completely transparent while others, such as black, will absorb the infrared radiation and appear dark."PermalinkCommentsart history science ir ir-reflectography

IR Ink

2009 May 29, 9:01PermalinkCommentsir ir-paint ink purchase

CoCam: Infrared Photography: Recipe for Coating Flash Bulbs with Infrared Paint

2009 May 29, 8:59PermalinkCommentsir photography recipe ir-paint

Infrared Goggles for $10, inexpensive IR filters, SCIENCE HOBBYIST

2009 May 29, 8:49Howto on goggles that block out everything but the small range of IR that's barely visible. "INFRARED GOGGLES FOR UNDER $10, A Human IR Vision Experiment, Sept. 14, 2002 Bill Beaty"PermalinkCommentsir infrared hack howto science photography diy hardware light

Infrared Paint Link Roundup

2009 May 29, 2:50

I like the idea of QR codes, encoding URLs and placing them on real world objects, but the QR codes themselves are kind of ugly. To make them less obvious I thought I could spray QR codes on to an object with an infrared reflective paint and shine infrared light on the QR codes, since most cameras, for instance the camera in my G1 phone, pick up infrared that our eyes do not.

In my search for infrared paint I've found a seller of IR ink (via programming forum) and an Infrared Paint Recipe (via IR FAQ).

In looking for this paint I've found that it comes up a lot in relation to the military for things like paint markers that are visible at night with proper equipment, and paint that absorbs IR light to make vehicles less obvious to night vision goggles. Even though the first reflects infrared light and the second absorbs it websites end up refering to both as infrared paint which made it difficult to search.

Additionally I found links to some other geeky infrared projects:

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hey ben dot com : pick one

2009 May 29, 12:48"I don't often link to my own stuff, but this is a little experiment of mine. It gives you two random things, and you pick one. Every time a thing is picked, it gets a point."PermalinkCommentspickone art social top-ten humor

Using BitTorrent to Retrieve Objects Stored in Amazon S3

2009 May 29, 12:12"Any object in Amazon S3 that can be read anonymously can also be downloaded via BitTorrent. ... Retrieving a .torrent file for any publicly available object is easy. Simply add a "?torrent" query string parameter at the end of the REST GET request for the object." Yes, this is awesome!PermalinkCommentstorrent amazon s3 bittorrent p2p via:pskomoroch

Big Mess o' Wires - BMOW 1

2009 May 28, 1:12A homemade CPU and computer. I love the primary colors on the mess of wires. The close up shot is lovely.PermalinkCommentshowto diy hardware computer electronics cpu homemade maker-faire

The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation : Duke Nukem Forever

2009 May 27, 4:45"This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Duke Nukem Forever."PermalinkCommentshumor videogame video duke-nukem

Vincent Liu: Tab Completion for Vim (Updated)

2009 May 27, 3:39A fancy tab completion script for Vim that does neat things for Java. Links to other Java+Vim tips as wel.PermalinkCommentsvim java script reference

Persuading Microsoft to Implement Canvas - Processing.js Blog

2009 May 27, 3:01"The Microsoft Connect service is a web-platform for communication between Microsoft Software Engineers and their developer community... Unfortunately the sign-up and feature request process is a little confusing, and long-winded, so I have put together a guide to help people get to the right place."PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft internet ie ie8 ie9 html5 canvas humor reference screenshot

Movies In Frames

2009 May 26, 10:10"One movie - four frames. That's it." The site has some good ones on here this one is Blade Runner. I added several movies to my Netflix queue from this. Netflix should incorporate this into their site.PermalinkCommentsmovie via:kottke netflix art humor

Data.gov: Unlocking the Federal Filing Cabinets - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com

2009 May 26, 11:28"But Data.gov is different. It is primarily for machines, not people, at least as a first step. It is a catalog of various sets of data from government agencies. And the idea is to offer the data in one of several standardized formats, ranging from a simple text file that can be read by a spreadsheet program to the XML format widely used these days for the exchange of information between Web services. Other data is presented in formats that are meant to feed into mapping programs."PermalinkCommentsdata nytimes xml government

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death | 2009 Seattle International Film Festival | Nick Park | United Kingdom - Films

2009 May 25, 10:19"Wallace and Gromit return-this time as purveyors of the Top Bun bakery, despite the fact that 12 other local bakers have disappeared in the previous year. Now it's up to Gromit to solve the mystery while Wallace woos new love interest Piella Bakewell."PermalinkCommentshumor movie wallace-and-gromit animation claymation for:hellosarah

Caught with Fake Info for Albertson Grocery Card

2009 May 25, 3:02

QFC grocery card barcodeChecking out at a grocery store to which I rarely go, the cashier asks me if I want an Albertson's card. I respond sure and she hands me the form on which I give up my personal information. I ask if I need to fill this out now, and she says yeah and it will only take two minutes, which surprised me because at QFC they just hand me a new card and send me on my way. I fill in my phone number as the first ten digits of pi so I don't have to worry about getting phone calls but its something I can remember next time I'm there and don't bring the card.

I turn to leave and the cashier asks me is that a '759' or '159' in my phone number. I stop for a second because I only know the digits as a sequence from the start and pause long enough reciting it in my head that its clear its not my phone number. And she calls me out on it: "Is that your real phone number?" I sigh, "No, does it have to be? Are you going to call me?" "Yeah," she says, "I'll call you." (ha ha) "Well I'll try entering this number," she says doubting the computer will accept the fake phone number. "On the number's already registered," she says, "So you already had a card." "No," says the manager who had walked up during for this exchange, "It means someone else used that same number." So the moral of the story is, try your fake phone number before trying to use it to get a new card.

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