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Make: Online : Hack the box to get to the phone

2009 Dec 31, 4:40"Nokia has been struggling a bit this year, but this "hack it" to get your phone unboxing is pretty interesting. Once you "root" the box it opens up and a little puff of smoke appears, along with your phone (if you're a phone / gadget reviewer)." Makes me wonder how many devs and engineers they had working on the box to contain this phone.PermalinkCommentsphone video cellphone hack

Emanuel Derman's Blog: Trading Places

2009 Dec 31, 1:50Har har: "I had a fantasy in which the Fed and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) switched roles. If a bank failed at 9 a.m. one morning and shut its doors, the TSA would announce that all banks henceforth begin their business day at 10 a.m. And, if a terrorist managed to get on board a plane between Stockholm and Washington, the Fed would increase the number of flights between the cities."PermalinkCommentseconomics humor airplane emanuel-derman tsa fed government

Google Books - Weekly World News Covers

2009 Dec 29, 1:31PermalinkCommentshumor google archive newspaper weeklyworldnews

SensorEvent | Android Developers

2009 Dec 28, 9:27"This class represents a sensor event and holds informations such as the sensor type (eg: accelerometer, orientation, etc...), the time-stamp, accuracy and of course the sensor's data."PermalinkCommentssensor android technical programming development reference accelerometer java

Mystic Lake Software: Sensor - Accelerometer & Magnetics

2009 Dec 28, 8:04"Just as I was finishing my first look at the accelerometer and magnetic field sensors a couple of threads cropped up on the Android Developer's group..."PermalinkCommentsandroid cellphone programming development java sensor technical 3d orientation

The Metalink Download Description Format

2009 Dec 28, 2:19"This document specifies Metalink, an XML-based download description format. Metalink describes download locations (mirrors), checksums, and other information. Clients can transparently use this information to reliably transfer files."PermalinkCommentsxml download browser web url todo


2009 Dec 27, 7:43"Have a look what happens when a huge hamster hits the Amsterdam Canals in a giant inflatable ball!" Almost a good idea. Maybe next time add some paddles to the outside of the ball.PermalinkCommentshumor video youtube hamster amsterdam water

Developing on a Device | Android Developers

2009 Dec 26, 7:11Wow, that was easy to setup. After installing the driver Eclipse just asks me if I want to debug on my phone or my virtual device.PermalinkCommentstechnical reference android programming development cellphone g1 documentation google

GL10 (Java Binding for the OpenGL ES(R) API)

2009 Dec 25, 6:15"The GL10 interface contains the Java(TM) programming language bindings for OpenGL(R) ES 1.0 core functionality."PermalinkCommentsprogramming java opengl android cellphone technical reference 3d

Introducing GLSurfaceView | Android Developers

2009 Dec 24, 9:14PermalinkCommentsopengl android programming development cellphone technical

TopatoCo: White Rabbit Shirt

2009 Dec 23, 10:15Cute bunny tshirt gift idea...PermalinkCommentsgift purchase bunny cute rabbit tshirt

4chan Founder “moot” to Speak at TED – GigaOM

2009 Dec 23, 10:03"Christopher “moot” Poole, the young founder of the irascible online forum 4chan, will speak in February at the TED conference, the elite gathering of thought leaders whose video-taped talks have become immensely popular online." Its like TED is just asking for it.PermalinkCommentsted 4chan christopher-poole moot

The "blueprints" of Monsieur Eiffel

2009 Dec 23, 10:02"These designs are reproductions of Eiffel's original designs included in his book "The 300 Meter Tower", Lemercier publications, Paris 1900."PermalinkCommentsdesign architecture blueprints france eiffel eiffel-tower retro visualization illustration

curlies - Project Hosting on Google Code

2009 Dec 23, 9:58Results of a set of black box tests on various characters in various parts of URLs in various popular browsers.PermalinkCommentsvia:mnot url uri iri idn dns browser web technical

Wii Remote API | Javascript API for the Opera-powered Wii browser

2009 Dec 22, 9:39"The Wii Remote API also allows the Web page to detect all Wii Remotes that are connected to the Wii; up to four at a time. This makes it possible to make Web pages interact with up to four users at the same time..."PermalinkCommentswii wiimote remote web javascript opera programming development reference technical

Benji Hughes – Discover music, videos, concerts, & pictures at Last.fm

2009 Dec 22, 7:17Listen to "Why do These Parties Always End" and "You Stood Me Up"PermalinkCommentsmusic benji-hughes electronica folk rock

(Video) Panic Attack! And The Power Of The Web - PSFK

2009 Dec 21, 3:40"“I uploaded (Panic Attack!) on a Thursday and on Monday my inbox was totally full of e-mails from Hollywood studios,” he told the BBC’s Latin American service BBC Mundo. “It was amazing, we were all shocked.”" And I can see why -- its a good video.PermalinkCommentsvideo scifi robot youtube hollywood

The Volokh Conspiracy » Blog Archive » The Really Traditional Socratic Method

2009 Dec 20, 1:38The really traditional socratic method: "You ask people hard questions. Then they kill you."PermalinkCommentshumor joke quote socratic socrates

YouTube - Steve Mcqueen Intro

2009 Dec 20, 12:24PermalinkCommentshumor video cat cute macgyver

YouTube - "Move B*tch Get Out The Way!" Desperate House CAT on Roomba Driver Bitch Slaps a Dog pit bull Sharky

2009 Dec 20, 12:19Lazy cat is also disgruntled and rides a RoombaPermalinkCommentsvideo humor cat dog roomba
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