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Three Reasons Why We Buy Those Crazy Steam Bundles « The Psychology of Video Games

2010 May 30, 9:20PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb psychology game video-game steam economics technical

James Murdoch v British Library: it’s all about copyright | Beehive City

2010 May 30, 9:13PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 murdoch copyright newspaper

Android App Aims to Allow Wiretap-Proof Cell Phone Calls « The Firewall - Forbes.com

2010 May 27, 8:53
PermalinkCommentsandroid cellphone security encryption privacy cryptography technical google

Senators call for end to anonymous, prepaid cell phones

2010 May 27, 8:52Time to stock up on prepaid anonymous cell phones before its too late! Or just use the call encryption Android application...PermalinkCommentsprivacy security cellphone anonymous politics government technical

Introducing Adobe Reader for Android - Adobe Reader Blog

2010 May 25, 12:04PDF reader for the Android
PermalinkCommentsadobe reader android pdf technical free

Installable Web Apps - Google Code

2010 May 24, 6:29Installable web apps makes total sense given the Google Chrome OS: "An installable web app is a normal web site with a bit of extra metadata. You build and deploy this app exactly as you would build and deploy any web app, using any server-side or client-side technologies you like. The only thing that is different about an installable web app is how the app is packaged."PermalinkCommentstechnical web browser webapp google chrome

Schneier on Security: Alerting Users that Applications are Using Cameras, Microphones, Etc.

2010 May 24, 6:26"What You See is What They Get: Protecting users from unwanted use of microphones, cameras, and other sensors," by Jon Howell and Stuart Schechter.

"We introduce the sensor-access widget, a graphical user interface element that resides within an application's display. The widget provides an animated representation of the personal data being collected by its corresponding sensor, calling attention to the application's attempt to collect the data."

Not sure how well that scales...PermalinkCommentstechnical security privacy research

Ajaxian » FireBreath: Cross platform plugin framework

2010 May 24, 6:25FireBreath is a cross-platform web browser developement framework supporting ActiveX (for IE) and NPAPI (for everyone else).PermalinkCommentstechnical web browser plugin activex

Feasibility and Real-World Implications of Web Browser

2010 May 23, 4:32"The ability to detect visitors' browsing history requires just a few lines of code. Armed with a list of websites to check for, a malicious webmaster can scan over 25 thousand links per second (1.5 million links per minute) in almost every recent browser."PermalinkCommentstechnical privacy security web browser

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box on Vimeo

2010 May 21, 8:32
This is actually happening. Video of projecting light onto boxes looks very pretty.

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.

PermalinkCommentsvia:waxy 3d projector art video

Google Code Blog: Introducing the Google Font API & Google Font Directory

2010 May 19, 1:56Google offers up a directory of fonts available for use in your css.PermalinkCommentsgoogle font technical css typography

Listen To House - Hacked IRL- Culture Jamming Graffiti

2010 May 19, 1:29Is it ever lupus?
PermalinkCommentshumor ad cultural-disobediance graffiti house

Mike Phirman

2010 May 19, 7:17A creative-commons released comedy album. Heard him on the Nerdist podcast where he played live several of the songs you'd imagine someone having a tough time playing live. Humorous and is that Weird Al I hear in Street Meat?PermalinkCommentsmusic humor mike-phirman cc creativecommons

"The Horde" - Halloween, Zombies T-shirt by Aled Lewis

2010 May 18, 12:22
PermalinkCommentszombie tshirt shirt via:boingboing

[from sambrook] YouTube - Zeitgeist Europe 2010 - The Power of Data

2010 May 18, 12:21PermalinkCommentsvideo tim-berners-lee technical web google semanticweb

Speech Recognition with Javascript; speechapi.com

2010 May 17, 5:05"With speechapi.com's javascript API, it is possible to build interesting speech-web mashups that include both speech-to-text as well as text-to-speech."PermalinkCommentsapi javascript speech speech-to-text technical

Members Of The Supreme Court As Human Beings

2010 May 14, 9:37New York Times article from May 15th 1910 titled "MEMBERS OF THE SUPREME COURT AS HUMAN BEINGS: When Not on the Bench They Are Pretty Much Like Other People — Characteristic Stores About Them". This is the NYT 1910's version of US Weekly's current "Celebrities Are Just Like Us!" feature.PermalinkCommentshumor history article supreme-court

A quote from Sacramento Credit Union

2010 May 14, 8:52It really is an actual quote from the Sacramento Credit Union's website: "The answers to your Security Questions are case sensitive and cannot contain special characters like an apostrophe, or the words “insert,” “delete,” “drop,” “update,” “null,” or “select.”"

Out of context that seems hilarious, but if you read the doc the next Q/A twists it like a defense in depth rather than a 'there-I-fixed-it'.PermalinkCommentstechnical security humor sql

An Open-Source History of Mondo 2000

2010 May 14, 8:20PermalinkCommentstodo mondo zine interview audio

Ben Folds covers  Elliott Smith | Music | A.V. Undercover | The A.V. Club

2010 May 14, 8:19
PermalinkCommentsmusic video ben-folds elliott-smith say-yes
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