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YouTube - TelltaleGames's Channel

2010 Oct 28, 10:41"In part one of our Back to the Future: The Game behind the scenes series, Bob Gale and Christopher Lloyd speak on their involvement and excitement on working with Telltale"PermalinkCommentsvideo videogame christopher-lloyd bttf backtothefuture

The Zombie Podcast - We're Alive - A Story of Survival

2010 Oct 28, 10:14PermalinkCommentspodcast zombie audio horror radio-show

Barack Obama on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

2010 Oct 28, 9:43PermalinkCommentshumor video barack-obama jon-stewart daily-show

The Kingfish Cafe — Southern cuisine in Seattle, WA

2010 Oct 28, 9:36Seattle restaurant serving delicious Southern food visited just today for lunch.PermalinkCommentsrestaurant seattle food capitolhill southern

Flowchart: Understanding the Web, for Fans of Charles Dickens | Fast Company

2010 Oct 28, 8:26Time travel, flow charts, and humor.PermalinkCommentsflowchart time-travel humor image

An Analysis of Browser Domain-Isolation Bugs

2010 Oct 28, 7:49PermalinkCommentsdavid-ross security browser research web webbrowser technical todo system:filetype:pdf system:media:document

Yahoo! Accepts OpenID Authentication with Google

2010 Oct 28, 6:32PermalinkCommentsOpenID Second Level Features YDN Theme Categories technical

Meme-ify Your Home With These 10 Internet Wall Hangings Currently for Sale on Etsy

2010 Oct 22, 1:30PermalinkCommentscrafting DIY Etsy haters gonna hate home decor keyboard cat lolcats memes needlepoint pedobear Xzibit technical

Good Night, Moon by Rudy Rucker, Bruce Sterling and Tim Bower | Tor.com | Science fiction and fantasy | Stories

2010 Oct 14, 10:30PermalinkCommentstodo fiction scifi rudy-rucker bruce-sterling short-story

YouTube - Rowan Atkinson is Doctor Who - Classic Comic Relief

2010 Oct 14, 10:26"Doctor Who Special starring Rowan Atkinson, Richard E Grant, Hugh Grant (as Doctor Who), Jonathan Pryce and Joanna Lumley."PermalinkCommentshumor video doctor-who rowan-atkinson hugh-grant parody youtube

Ur Argumentz = Invalid

2010 Oct 14, 6:52PermalinkCommentshumor owl lolcat

Never-before-seen footage of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly in Back To The Future

2010 Oct 13, 3:11"To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Back To The Future, we've got never-before-seen footage of original star Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly. Plus Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg and Bob Gale all explaining why they replaced him with Michael J. Fox"PermalinkCommentsbacktothefuture bttf movie video eric-stoltz

Urban Speaker, A Remote Public Address Art Installation

2010 Oct 6, 2:31PermalinkCommentsart qrcode qr sign phone cellphone

John Resig - ECMAScript 5 Strict Mode, JSON, and More

2010 Oct 6, 7:35Layman summary of ECMAScript 5 strict mode.PermalinkCommentsecma es5 strict js javascript json reference security technical article john-resig

2 Bunnies 2 Cups

2010 Oct 5, 2:552 bunnies 2 cups much cuter than namesake.PermalinkCommentshumor video bunny cute

RFC 6068 - The 'mailto' URI Scheme

2010 Oct 5, 2:54The mailto URI scheme finally gets its own RFC.PermalinkCommentsmailto uri url mail email technical rfc reference encoding

JavaScript - The Evil Parts

2010 Oct 4, 2:10Billy Hoffman on web securityPermalinkCommentsbilly-hoffman javascript web technical security video presentation

draft-nottingham-http-portal - The Network Authentication Required HTTP Status Code

2010 Oct 4, 2:05Proposed 428 HTTP error code for hijacking proxies to indicate to the client the user needs to login to the network etc. Glad to see this one's finally happening.PermalinkCommentshttp http-status captive-portal hijack proxy authentication technical rfc reference
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