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The three terrifying minutes that created The Gunstringer

2011 Sep 29, 8:35This story is funny and also reminds me to go eat at Matador... "Twisted Pixel chief creative officer Josh Bear had responded with abounding confidence, if only to mask the truth. Because the fact of the matter, the fact that he and CEO Mike Wilford were all too aware of, as they sat in Redmond, WA Tex-Mex restaurant The Matador, was this: The idea wasn't "awesome." It was nonexistent."
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Nintendo Game Maps

2011 Sep 28, 10:22They've got maps from your favorite NES games as giant images. I'm using SMB3 1-1 as my desktop background. I've got a four monitor setup now and so its tough to find desktop backgrounds but Mario levels easily cover my whole desktop.PermalinkCommentsgame videogame map nintendo nes

Baby onesies office redocorate

2011 Sep 24, 12:43

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John Hodgman's presentation at Maker Faire New York (Video)

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Man-in-the-Middle Attack Against SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0

2011 Sep 23, 4:37PermalinkCommentstechnical

The average font

2011 Sep 22, 3:50PermalinkCommentstechnical

The Most Anticipated Shoe of All Time: Q+A With Someone Who Won A Pair of Marty McFly's Futuristic Kicks | Motherboard

2011 Sep 20, 9:27Interview with someone who bought the limited edition Back to the Future shoes: "[Interviewer] Have you watched the Back to the Future movies? [Respondent] Yeah, some of em. The hoverboards and shit. That was cool." ARGH! Not worthy!PermalinkCommentshumor bttf nike shoes

[html5] Web Workers: Race-Condition setting onmessage handler?

2011 Sep 20, 7:17There's no race between posting to a web worker and the web worker setting up its message handler as long as the web worker sets its message handler in the first sync. block of code that runs in the web worker: "Basically, once the initial worker script returns, the worker's port is enabled and the normal message port event delivery mechanism kicks in (including dropping unhandled messages on the floor)."PermalinkCommentstechnical web-worker webbrowser programming postMessage

A history of map monsters. (IMAGES)

2011 Sep 20, 9:19PermalinkCommentsScience technical

Iran blocks Tor; Tor releases same-day fix ...

2011 Sep 19, 12:53Counter intuitive argument for not making the larger fix: "Should we fix them all preemptively, meaning the next time they block us it will be through some more complex mechanism that's harder to figure out? Or should we leave things as they are, knowing there will be more blocking events but also knowing that we can solve them easily?"PermalinkCommentstor censorship government iran technical

Family Photo #2

2011 Sep 18, 7:02

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Sarah kisses Alex

2011 Sep 18, 7:01

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Alex in Basket

2011 Sep 18, 6:58

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Alex in monkey blanket

2011 Sep 18, 6:56

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Alex in monkey blanket

2011 Sep 18, 6:55

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Alex in Bunny Swing-A-Majig

2011 Sep 10, 10:36

sequelguy posted a photo:

Alex in Bunny Swing-A-Majig


Alex in Bear Suit

2011 Sep 10, 10:36

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Sleepy Alex

2011 Sep 10, 10:27
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