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The "acct" URI Scheme

2012 Jun 30, 3:09

During formalization of the WebFinger protocol [I-D.jones-appsawg-webfinger], much discussion occurred regarding the appropriate URI scheme to include when specifying a user’s account as a web link [RFC5988].

acctURI      =  “acct:” userpart “@” domainpart

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Worms Revolution developer diary gets everything wet | Joystiq

2012 Jun 30, 2:55

Brief history of Worms and info on the next entry in the series.

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2012 Jun 30, 8:19

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(via Classic pro-science-careers music video PSA: Chemical...

2012 Jun 29, 10:03

(via Classic pro-science-careers music video PSA: Chemical Party)

Xeni says: “The EU wasn’t always so terrible at promoting science careers through funny internet music videos! (thanks, Guido)”

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ifc: This week on Comedy Bang! Bang! - Michael Cera!

2012 Jun 27, 3:38


This week on Comedy Bang! Bang! - Michael Cera!

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Sergey Brin’s Google Glass skydiver demo from I/O keynote...

2012 Jun 27, 10:31

Sergey Brin’s Google Glass skydiver demo from I/O keynote (via 9to5Google) (by jkahnjkahn)

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Introducing the Source Filmmaker (by SourceFilmMaker)

2012 Jun 27, 10:29

Introducing the Source Filmmaker (by SourceFilmMaker)

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Kim Dotcom image macros?

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“Fuck You, Pay Me” is a talk on contracts, payments,...

2012 Jun 25, 2:06

Fuck You, Pay Me” is a talk on contracts, payments, etc. for free-lance designers.

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Why Your Links Should Never Say “Click Here” - UX Movement

2012 Jun 25, 1:06

I’ve been following this advice for many years now to the extent that I find myself rewriting text to make linking my nouns easier and shorter.

The one I wasn’t following that seems obvious only after I read it is to keep links towards the end of your text to allow users to follow the link once they’re done reading.

links at the end of the sentence allow users to take action faster

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Microsoft Surface: a gentle kick in the teeth of the OEMs | Ars Technica

2012 Jun 25, 12:59

But if Surface is aimed at the OEMs—telling them “we can do this just as well as you can, if we have to”—and setting them a challenge—”your tablets have to be at least this good”—then the limited availability isn’t necessarily such a big deal. As long as the OEMs heed the warning and raise their game, so that Redmond can be assured that bad hardware won’t jeopardized Windows 8’s success, Microsoft could safely keep Surface operating as a small-scale operation, playing the Nexus role without upsetting the PC market.

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Numberphile - Videos about Numbers and Stuff

2012 Jun 25, 9:47

A series of videos with math profs explaining a specific number (or interesting topic with a contrived connection to a particular number)

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enochliew: Tetris Street Art by Gaffa gallery Located in Sydney...

2012 Jun 25, 2:40


Tetris Street Art by Gaffa gallery

Located in Sydney on Abercrombie Lane.

I’d get out of there before they form a horizontal line…

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The Fiddler Book: "Debugging with Fiddler: The official reference from the developer of Fiddler"

2012 Jun 23, 9:19

THE Fiddler Book straight from the source, EricLaw - the developer of Fiddler!

Fiddler is a wonderful tool with never ending extensibility. With this book I shall master it!

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Microsoft Research make breakthrough in audio speech recognition (technet.com)

2012 Jun 22, 2:33

MAVIS indexes audio and video so you can do text search over the contents. For example search for ‘metro’ in all of the BUILD conference talks.

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2012 Jun 22, 9:19

jQuery plugin that blindly removes lines with errors and recompiles until it works  

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“Hey Pass Me a Beer” in the same vein as the...

2012 Jun 21, 2:55

“Hey Pass Me a Beer” in the same vein as the HIGH-FIVE! montages.

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VIM Clutch is a USB pedal for VIM users: When the pedal is...

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First Person Tutor | 7dfps challenge

2012 Jun 20, 3:45

First Person Tutor is a game about *grading papers*, lock, stock, and two smoking inkwells

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The amazing powers of CSS

2012 Jun 20, 3:32

Some fun CSS things including the following:

head { display: block; border-bottom: 5px solid red; }

script, style, link { display: block; white-space: pre; font-family: monospace; }

script:before { content: “ ”; }

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