Enter the URL of a Mycroft search plugin (used by Firefox). Press the 'Add' button to convert the plugin to a Open Search Description file and add it to IE7. You can search or browse existing Mycroft search plugins on the mozdev search plugins install page. Find the plugin you'd like on that page and copy and paste the link into the textbox below.

Mycroft search plugin URL:


Enter the URL of an Open Search Description file. Press the Add button to add it to IE7.


Click the following URLs to add the associated search provider to the IE7 search bar.
Flickr (with IE8 Visual Search Suggestions and Accelerator Preview!)
Wikipedia (English)
Unicode Characters on FileFormat
Dave's Things Search
Google Reader search
MSDN Win32 & COM search


Use my OpenSearchDescriptionToHTML XSLT to render your OpenSearch description XML file as HTML that allows the user to read about the description, install it, or search with it. For instance, check out the Google OpenSearch description file that uses my XSLT.

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