XML Source View

I've written an XSLT that will produce an HTML view of a source XML document. It has the following features: This is intended for rendering in IE7 and doesn't look pretty in other browsers.

XML Source View (for viewing), (for download).

Its intended to replace the builtin IE7 XML Source View.
I discuss its creation in several blog posts.


Warning! The following modifies a system file, isn't supported by Microsoft and of course isn't recommended by anyone. You could like screw up your whole computer and stuff so certainly don't do the following to install the XML Source View:
  1. Download the ResourceModify.exe program (found on my resource tools page.)
  2. Download the new XML Source View file to some location.
  3. Update msxml3.dll by running
    resourcemodify.exe --src xml-source-view.xsl --dest C:\windows\system32\msxml3.dll --type XML --name DEFAULTSS.XSL --language 0

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