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How to use an ampersand in a form name, menu, or control

2007 Aug 30, 4:17How to encode an ampersand so that it will appear literally in a Windows control.PermalinkCommentsmsdn microsoft reference ui gui windows programming ampersand encoding

I don't think that you understand! - Firefox3 Vulnerable by Design | GNUCITIZEN

2007 Aug 27, 11:26The article is a bit rambling but he makes an excellent point at least in separating the FireFox description of the feature from what it actually does.PermalinkCommentsfirefox security w3c standard via:swannman article

Minding the Meeting, or Your Computer? - New York Times

2007 Aug 27, 10:35Article on laptops in meetings by Dean Hachamovitch my GPM. I knew the people in that photo before they were in an article in NY Times.PermalinkCommentsarticle laptop culture microsoft dean-hachamovitch

SONY KDL-32S2000 user manual - Manual de instrucciones

2007 Aug 25, 6:02Manual for the Sony KDL 32S2000 TV.PermalinkCommentsreference tv product

Get a Clue about David Weinberger: Author, Blogger, Speaker, Fellow, Twitterer, Commentator, Columnist and Willing 'Word Association' Player on Dishy Mix Podcast

2007 Aug 23, 9:03An interview with David Weinberger.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger audio blog interview article

Non-ASCII characters in URI attribute values

2007 Aug 23, 6:17From the HTML standard, what to do if you find a URI with a non-US-ASCII character.PermalinkCommentsuri standard reference unicode utf8 encoding ascii iri

Hackszine.com: Seam carving: content-aware image resizing

2007 Aug 22, 12:12Software that resizes images while maintaining the relative ratios of important features. Just go watch the video its neat!PermalinkCommentsimage images software photos photo siggraph video

roachfiend.com - ErrorZilla - Useful error pages for Firefox

2007 Aug 21, 10:22Replace FireFox's error pages with some useful options like check archive.org or coral cache.PermalinkCommentserror mozilla firefox reference extension cache archive whois

Lifehacker Code: About This Site add-on (Firefox) - Lifehacker

2007 Aug 21, 10:19More URI related stuff in a FF plugin.PermalinkCommentslifehacker mozilla reference extension firefox review article

ErrorZilla err ErrorSoft

2007 Aug 21, 4:04Seeing ErrorZilla I realized I could easily do a similar thing to the IE7 404 page using the same technique I used for the XML view and the feed view.

So that's what I did: I made a new 404 page for IE7. There's not much new here technically if you've read the previous blog entries to which I linked. My 404 page change adds links to the Internet Archive, the Coral Cache, and Whois Tool.PermalinkCommentsarchive personal res cache resource ie7 technical browser whois 404 error extension

Problems with Zenith P42W46X 42 in. EDTV Plasma Television

2007 Aug 18, 10:46Notes on problem shooting the TV including a scanned version of the manual.PermalinkCommentstv zenith purchase product reference

CRShelton's YouTube Profile

2007 Aug 17, 1:37Chris' YouTube profile. Currently contains video of him performing a magic trick.PermalinkCommentsfriend chris-shelton magic youtube video profile

Analytics According to Captain Kirk

2007 Aug 17, 10:40Analytics applied to red shirt phenom.PermalinkCommentsvia:infosthetics humor statistics scifi startrek television visualization data analysis

SequelGuy's YouTube Profile

2007 Aug 17, 9:52My profile on YouTube.PermalinkCommentsprofile me youtube video

Dancing Yellow Robot

2007 Aug 17, 6:33PermalinkCommentskeepon youtube video personal cute robot nontechnical

New Scientist Technology Blog: Little yellow robot gets dancefloor company

2007 Aug 16, 8:47More from Keepon the yellow blog dancing robot.PermalinkCommentsrobot robots dancing video music youtube keepon

Duck and Cover! - a photoset on Flickr

2007 Aug 15, 3:24From the article: "... a scan of a brochure from the Kelsey-Hayes Company, Detroit, MI for their pre-fabricated fallout shelters, circa 1963." Very cool.PermalinkCommentsculture design flickr history images photo photography photos retro via:swannman

ha.ckers.org web application security lab - Archive - Stanford's DNS Rebinding Paper

2007 Aug 15, 3:20Listened to RSnake talk about this in person at one point. Pretty interesting without his scenario video with niave female Internet user narration.PermalinkCommentsajax rsnake via:swannman reference dns security javascript dns-rebinding

Bokardo - The Del.icio.us Lesson

2007 Aug 15, 3:16Reasons why del.icio.us style tagging is different and better than things that have come before it.PermalinkCommentsarticle blog business taxonomy tagging delicious folksonomy reference tag ontology

Even if Life Is a Computer Simulation . . . - TierneyLab - Science - New York Times Blog

2007 Aug 15, 2:33PermalinkCommentsphilosophy science simulate scifi article
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