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What's Happening in Egypt Explained. (UPDATED)

2011 Jan 30, 3:15PermalinkCommentspolitics information history media technology

FORA.tv - WikiLeaks: Why It Matters. Why It Doesn't?

2011 Jan 23, 9:49PermalinkCommentswikileaks video law politics media technical clay-shirky


2011 Jan 23, 4:49Sysinternals Mark Russinovich writes a novel (fiction) and gets a Bill Gates blurb for the cover: “Mark came to Microsoft in 2006 to help advance the state of the art of Windows, now in his latest compelling creation he is raising awareness of the all too real threat of cyberterrorism.” —Bill GatesPermalinkCommentsbook security microsoft sysinternals mark-russinovich novel fiction technical

Managing the browser viewport in Windows Phone 7 - IE for Windows Phone Team Weblog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

2011 Jan 23, 4:44PermalinkCommentsmobile windows ie wp7 windows-phone-7 blog technical browser html viewport

Back to the Future (1985) - a set on Flickr

2011 Jan 23, 3:26Personal photos from the Back to the Future set during filming taken by a Universal security guard.
PermalinkCommentsphotos bttf backtothefuture movies

Skynet meets the Swarm: how the Berkeley Overmind won the 2010 StarCraft AI competition

2011 Jan 19, 9:05
PermalinkCommentsgame programming design ai starcraft

Car key fob technology hacked - Boing Boing

2011 Jan 19, 7:45I always wondered how easy it would be to hack the key fobs. Now we know...PermalinkCommentssecurity hack car technical

Reviewing the winners of the Design Julian Assange's Next Hairstyle competition. - Boing Boing

2011 Jan 19, 7:44Lol at Team Rocket Julian Assange.
PermalinkCommentsjulian-assange humor image photo photoshop

Notabilia – Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia

2011 Jan 10, 9:41PermalinkCommentswikipedia visualization infographics design analysis humor

Chapter 16. The Registry - Master-PowerShell | With Dr. Tobias Weltner - Powershell.com – Powershell Scripts, Tips and Resources

2011 Jan 4, 7:25How to take ownership and re-ACL registry keys from a powershell prompt.PermalinkCommentstechnical powershell acl regkey registry windows
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