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“Hey Pass Me a Beer” in the same vein as the...

2012 Jun 21, 2:55

“Hey Pass Me a Beer” in the same vein as the HIGH-FIVE! montages.

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Hidden device distorts news on wireless networks, brews beer, is time machine - Hack a Day

2011 May 30, 3:13"We covered the Newstweek, a wall-wart sized box that injects fake news stories over public WiFi connections last February, but now there’s a great walk through and it seems our doubts about this project were disproved."PermalinkCommentssecurity journalism wifi hack technical

Bitter Chocolate Beer Bottle

2010 Jul 16, 6:43

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Kalik Beer Box

2010 Feb 25, 1:18

sequelguy posted a photo:

Kalik Beer Box

A box of Kalik beer (official beer of the Bahamas) was just sitting on the ground. Filled with empty beer bottles though.

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Scott, Jesse, and Jon in Vegas

2009 Feb 28, 1:53

sequelguy posted a photo:

Scott, Jesse, and Jon in Vegas

On the bridge in front of Treasure Island just before the first show of 'Sirens of TI' that day.

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2009 Jan 13, 2:56Turn your snowed-in home's front door into a natural fridge. Good idea, although here we didn't get nearly enough snow to make this convenient.PermalinkCommentshumor beer cold brr snow canada design fridge

Marienplatz and the Deutsches Museum

2008 Dec 19, 12:18

Church Tower in MarienplatzOn Monday in Germany we went to Marienplatz and wandered around the Christmas Market, some of the stores, had drinks in a little pub, visited the Toy Museum, and checked out an impressive looking church. We accidentally drew in some other tourists as we stood gaping at the Glockenspiel tower waiting for the little show to begin at the wrong hour. That night Megan and Oliver came by our hotel and took us out to a traditional Bavarian restaurant and brewery that had been brewing beer there for hundreds of years. It was fun although we may have kept Megan and Oliver out too late on a weeknight.

Deutsches MuseumThe next day we went to the Deutsches Museum the largest science and technology museum in the world. And indeed it is very large, six floors on a large grounds. I needed to better pace myself: I spent too much energy being interested in the engineering sections with steam engines, mining, aerospace etc. I was completely worn out by the time we got to physics, chemistry, etc. etc. and we didn't even look in the natural sciences section. Anyway, its very large. That night we ate with Jon at an Italian restaurant. During the meal two period dressed children came in and began singing then tried to shake down their captive audience in the restaurant asking for money. The man at the table next to us asked one of the children what charity the money was going towards, the child said they kept the money, and the man said never mind then and sent the child away.

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2008 Dec 14, 10:33

sequelguy posted a photo:


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2008 Sep 30, 10:46A rogue group of knitters 'tag' public objects and places with knit pieces. See thier gallery. "tag crew of knitters, bombing the inner city with vibrant, stitched works of art, wrapped around everything from beer bottles on easy nights to public monuments and utility poles on more ambitious outings."PermalinkCommentshumor art graffiti streetart knit cultural-disobediance
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