IE7 Feed Display Update

I've written an update to the IE7 Feed Display. The update adds support for the following RSS extension features: Feed Display Update XSLT (diff).

Its intended to update the builtin IE7 Feed Display.
I discuss its creation in a blog post.


Warning! The following modifies a system file, isn't supported by Microsoft and of course isn't recommended by anyone. You could like screw up your whole computer and stuff so certainly don't do the following to install the updated Feed Display.
  1. Copy the original Feed Display file to some location.
  2. Download the Feed Display Update diff file to some location.
  3. Update the original XSL file by running
    patch feeddisplay.xsl feeddisplay.xsl.diff
  4. Update ieframe.dll.mui with the updated XSL by running
    resourcemodify.exe --src feeddisplay.xsl --dest C:\windows\system32\ieframe.dll.mui --typei 23 --name FEEDDISPLAY.XSL --language 0