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Slate V: archive player

2008 Apr 30, 10:35A humorous video on the topic of Internet video.PermalinkCommentsvia:ericlaw humor video internet progress-bar

growabrain: Elevator problems

2008 Apr 21, 2:24"Unlike the engineers who saw the service as too slow, he saw the problem as one deriving from the boredom of those waiting for an elevator. ... He suggested putting mirrors in the elevator lobbies to occupy those waiting by enabling them to look at themsPermalinkCommentsprogress-bar psychology elevator

The Filing Cabinet : Don't judge a book by its cover - why Windows Vista Defrag is cool

2008 Mar 31, 1:19Some interesting notes on Vista defrag."We don't try to make the volume 100% defragmented because defragmenting to the point where there are no fragmented files has negligible benefits.", "We don't give a percent complete or time to completion estimatPermalinkCommentsprogress progress-bar windows vista blog msdn microsoft defrag

Lou Franco's ECM Imaging Blog : Using Zeno's Paradox For Progress Bars

2008 Mar 24, 9:42Zeno's progress bar. Stolen thoughts...PermalinkCommentsprogress-bar zeno gui ui programming stolen-thoughts

Chris Harrison - Rethinking the Progress Bar

2008 Mar 3, 3:32Research paper on progress bar UI improvements counters my thoughts on progress bar demanded for case where we only know when we're done: set progress as function of time where function has asymptote at %100. Zeno's progress bar.PermalinkCommentsdesign gui hci interface paper progress progress-bar usability research
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